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Acne Face-Off Finalist Before & Afters

Acne Face-Off Finalist Before & Afters

Photos submitted by:

Wallin Aesthetics/Alexandra Wallin – Phoenix, Arizona

List of Treatments:

Treatment 1

Inflammation Diffusion Corrective Facial

Treatment 2

Radiance Peel (Progressive)

Treatment 3

Post Peel Follow Up Facial

Treatment 4

White Lotus Peel (Mid-Depth

Treatment 5

Dermal Resurfacing Corrective Facial (Modified)

Treatment 6

Micro-Needling with Therapy E Serum

Treatment 7

Clear Perfection Peel Modified (Progressive Plus)

Acne Treatments

Home Care included Citrus Gel, Beta Green Tea Cleanser, Synergy A, Skin Refine Gel, Growth Factor Gel

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