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25 Marketing Tips for Spas and Salons: Pt 1

Spa and salon business can fluctuate drastically season-to-season. We typically experience our peaks around the holidays and spring, but the summer months often change the pattern of business. This is one reason it is so important to get creative and develop irresistible offers and events that will appeal to more clients and even catch the eye of new clients who have been watching you.

Here is a list of ideas that will pertain to various styles of salon and spa businesses depending on your specialty. There is at least one great tip for every business and hopefully more to help keep your facility busy year round.

  1. Select your top 10 percent clients and give them personalized gift cards they can give to whomever they want. These can be for specific services such as complimentary hand treatments or mini facials.
  2. Offer longer treatments (1.5 hours) on your menu during the summer as a special promotion: “Stay relaxed and refreshed longer with this special treatment offering.”
  3. Sell a series of treatments – when clients purchase four their first one is free.
  4. Create mother/daughter specials for holidays or for summer or spring break outings. They may make a special day or afternoon of it with tea with petit fours, or other light treats.
  5. Offer girlfriend specials encouraging clients to bring in their best friends for special services and perhaps a little gift such as a petite Drop of Essence or Cucumber Spritz.
  6. Announce a new, innovative service. We have so many protocols you could offer a new one several times a year. This season you may want to consider the Hibiscus Facial or Maui Pineapple Treatment. Or personalize and target a specific market such as acne or pigmented skin.
  7. Remember every opportunity. For instance, announce a new aesthetician and promote her for the month and her specialty.
  8. When you book an event call clients personally to invite them. This is so important. Don’t just rely on invitations and mailers. A personal interaction goes a long way.
  9. Market with posters, window displays, postcards, and brochures. Get creative and be sure your brand and marketing messages are consistent and seen throughout multiple touch points.
  10. Offer a monthly bridal event with facials, make-up application and massage for the entire party. There are lots of weddings during this season and into the summer!
  11. Offer creative birthday ideas such as “Your Perfect Day at the Spa,” “Spa Party with Friends,” or “A Birthday Fit for a Queen.” Consider discounting these on your slower days.
  12. Sell combined packages. For example, package facial/massage/hand and feet treatments and include a light snack and beverage for the longer visits. Give a fresh flower as they leave that fits with the season, a daisy for summer, a mum for the fall, rose for the winter, and tulip in the spring. These will create lasting impressions.

Do you have any fun promotions you can share?

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