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25 Marketing Tips for Spas and Salons: Pt 2

As I wrote about last week, most industries experience cyclical ups and downs, and this could not be more true for the spa and salon business. In last week’s blog post I gave you the first 12 of 25 marketing ideas. This week I will wrap it up with the remainder, and hopefully this will spark some ideas for you in time for summer.

While every tip may not be the perfect fit for every style of salon and spa business – since they vary widely – many of these can be slightly adjusted to fit your needs.

  1. Host events for groups such as real estate agents, teachers, nurses, flight attendants, etc., and market it at their place of business.
  2. Create a spa/salon membership or loyalty program in which those who sign up get a certain percentage of services. The membership can be fee based or simply based on volume of visits.
  3. Draft a press release on a new service or product offering and distribute it to local news stations and daily papers. Be sure to do your homework to see who would potentially cover this story.
  4. Offer complimentary hand treatments using our enzymes, oils and hand cream. You might perform this on clients as they wait for other services or get them to sign up as they check in. (This is also a great opportunity to cross-sell Phyto-Endorphin Hand Cream)
  5. Hold workshops on improving image. Bring in a wardrobe consultant, have your aestheticians provide healthy skin care tips, your hair stylist and cosmetologist might share beauty secrets, etc. Make a fun evening out of an otherwise slow night.
  6. Offer website packages sold in a series wax/facial/massage
  7. Post contests on Facebook and give the winner a gift certificate towards a service at your facility. This can be as simple as trivia or a fill in the blank.
  8. Free make-up touch up. Keep it short to four products and utilize the time to cross promote skin care (the importance of facials or peels) or a more in-depth make-up lesson.
  9. Be everywhere online – promote specials and events, guest speakers, new treatments on your website, social networks (don’t forget about the new, trendy Pinterest*), blogs, etc.
  10. *For Pinterest you might “pin” photos of make-up techniques, or hairstyles, or bridal parties you are hosting. Get creative!
  11. Gather email addresses from all of your clients – send out weekly tips or monthly special promotions.
  12. Give a free Rhonda Allison petite product with their first facial treatment or peel such as Daytime Defense SPF30.
  13. Encourage your nail technician to use Rhonda Allison enzymes during manicures and pedicures, along with Grape Seed Oil on the cuticles and feet. After the service, consider giving clients a card for free consult with an aesthetician. This is a great networking and cross-promotional tool.

What do you do to improve business during the slow times?

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