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A Skin Care Pot of Gold in the Treatment Room

March is a great time to start thinking about rejuvenation and renewal with spring just around the corner. Before flowers begin to bloom however, there is one lucky leafy green sprouting that we can take a lesson from.

Yes, I’m of course referring to the clover or shamrock. We often hear good things come in threes, but in this case four is the lucky number. This is also the case with the 4-Layer Restoration Green Treatment and Green Restoration Kit. Beyond getting clients into the St. Patrick’s Day spirit, these are ideal this time of year as they work to clarify, restore and rehydrate dull winter skin, and both come in fours.

Luck of the Green

This treatment was actually developed by one of our educators, Louisa Alten, to exfoliate, purify, stimulate cell turnover, smooth rough texture and rehydrate the skin. It begins with the Beta Green Tea Cleanser to deeply cleanse the skin and infuse it with antioxidants. T

The enzyme application – Skin Brightening Enzyme, Mint Papaya Enzyme and Italian Herbal Peel – will digest surface cells of the stratum corneum, which will make extractions easier and clear the pathway for nourishing ingredients to penetrate the skin. The two-step mask process, which starts with the Wasabi Mask and finishes with the Rosemary Basil Mask will clarify, deliver hydration and antioxidants as well as reduce the appearance of inflammation and redness.

The treatment ends with an essential dose of Growth Factor Serum Plus and Daytime Defense SPF30 to rebuild and protect the skin.

A Pot of Gold for Skin

At home clients can continue the restoration process with the Beta Green Tea Cleanser to detoxify and purify the skin while delivering antioxidants. Once per week they may also use the Skin Brightening Enzyme to even skin tone and brighten the overall appearance. The Milk Mask, also used once per week, will infuse the skin with vitamins and pure milk protein to nourish the skin and deliver a cooling calming effect. Growth Factor Serum Plus, used daily, will hydrate and restore strength to the skin while renewing and fortifying to create a smoothed surface. Of course, they should always apply sun protection as well.

Here’s to a happy and lucky St. Patrick’s Day! May you find your four-leaf clover or pot of gold! At the very least, we can help clients find their skin care pot of gold.

Question: Have you created any St. Patrick’s themed treatments? Please share.

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