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Building an Age-Management Program for Your Client Pt 3: Boosting Collagen

Building an Age-Management Program for Your Client Pt 3: Boosting Collagen

As aesthetic professionals we know combating the signs of aging requires an integrated approach. In this four part series on “Building an age-management program for your client,” I will cover some of key components of a good re-youth program, and hopefully provide you some guidance on developing a pro youth road map or at the very least provide you some talking points for your clients.

Last week’s post focused on treating discoloration issues; this week I will focus on building collagen to promote youthful skin.

Breaking Down Collagen

By definition collagen is the main component of connective tissue and most abundant protein in mammals. It forms in elongated fibrils (fine fibers) found in our tendons, cartilage, bones, blood vessels, and skin, among other areas.

In our world we know collagen is responsible for fighting the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, and saggy, slack and crêpey skin. Unfortunately production of this youth-preserving protein decreases as we age, and environmental assaults continually work against us to break down as well. How does this occur and how can we help clients minimize it?

Damaging elements like the sun, pollution, stress, smoking, and free radicals continually work to slowly wear down the proteins. Fibroblast cells step in to repair damaged collagen fibers by generating new ones, but this process decreases as we age. When the process cannot be completed, wrinkles and fine lines may appear and skin will slacken.

Rebuilding Collagen

How do we turn this process around? There are few ways you can really support your clients. First, talk to them about lifestyle habits. Proper sleep, stress control and a healthy diet will play a significant role in collagen production. Diets high in omega-3 fatty acids and antioxidants will help reduce inflammation (which impacts collagen production) and combat free radicals. Sun protection is also vital! An SPF 30 worn daily will help prevent much of the aging effect.

As for treating the skin directly, you can support clients with collagen-promoting topicals and treatments. The key with topicals is that they must penetrate the skin barrier in order to effectively stimulate collagen production. Retinols, peptides, vitamin C and growth factors are powerful collagen-stimulating ingredients.

Boosting collagen in the treatment room:

  • Apple Wine Peel – a mild, natural superficial peeling agent, it promotes cell turnover, firms, tones and delivers a potent dose of antioxidants to the skin.
  • Hibiscus Peel – this next-generation AHA enhanced with a mandelic complex accelerates cell turnover, stimulates collagen activity and provides antioxidant support. It’s also non-irritating, making it great for nearly all skin types.
  • Vitamin A+ Peptide Peel – a stronger concentrate of retinol, this formula also combines a tri-peptide, which stimulates the desquamation process to reduce fine lines, and leave the skin toned, and firmed.

Boosting collagen at home care:

  • C-Peptide Complex
  • Retinol Supreme
  • Mandelic Arginine Serum
  • Peptide 38
  • Growth Factor Serum, Growth Factor Serum Plus and Elite eEGF.

Of course there are also injectables and other treatments such as laser which may also prove effective for your client, just be sure to support those efforts with a collagen-building home-care regimen.

To learn more about collagen-boosting treatments, visit our Protocols page or refer to our “Facial Recipe Creations” book or “The Art of Skin Peels Book.”

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