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Does Travel Wreak Havoc on the Skin?

I just returned from the Face & Body Expo in San Jose this week, and every time I travel I’m reminded of how much it impacts the skin. Not only does the climate change – going from humid to dry or hot to cool, flying also significantly dehydrates your body which affects your skin.

I typically have some go-to products I travel with to help reduce the impact, but if I’m in need of serious rehydrating there are several treatments I turn to for restoring moisture. For those of you with clients who are flight attendants or who routinely travel for work, it’s a good idea to have travel kits on hand as well as hydrating treatments and home-care systems you can offer. A good system of home care and regular treatments will help prevent their skin from looking dry, sullen and prematurely aged.

Good Traveling Products

Typically when I get on the plane and a few times during the flight I like to refresh my skin with the Cucumber Spritz or Purifying Lotion. Heavy waters, and toning and hydrating spritz formulas make perfect travel companions, because of their ability to regulate and maintain a balanced skin tone and provide all-day nourishment. They deliver moisture and antioxidants deep into skin tissues and actually have moisture bonding properties to fight trans-epidermal water loss, which is why I frequently turn to them.

The Cucumber Spritz, considered a heavy water, revitalizes and refreshes the skin, giving it a “drink of water” and providing the much needed moisture content lost during travel. The Purifying Lotion,an antioxidant therapy formula refreshes, hydrates, calms, reduces inflammation and balances the skin promoting an even skin tone.

The area that noticeably becomes zapped of moisture is the eyes, so remember to recommend Eye Revitalizer during long flights to perk up eyes and give them a refreshed look. My eyes were very tired and the cooling sensation of this light eye serum was very welcome.

Antioxidants and amino acids are also important for restoring the skin after flight or climate change. I also like to carry the Drop of Essence Hydration Drops and even the Blushed Wine Gelbecause of their quick absorption abilities, hydration properties and potent antioxidant content.

Another tip for long over-sea flights are the Salicylic Cleansing pads. They are quick and easy and really support the detoxing of the skin, then refresh with Cucumber Spritz, a few drops of Hydration Drops and your client is ready to sleep the entire flight, waking up with very refreshed skin.

Restoring Moisture

In the treatment room, you’ll want to focus on improving circulation, re-oxygenating the cells and infusing the skin with nutrients and moisture. The Perk Me Up peel treatment and The Refresher Peel work wonders for restoring the skin and the moisture content.

The Perk Me Up is a quick and easy treatment, yet it truly makes a different in the skin. It uses wine extracts and AHAs to give the skin a boost of nutrients and hydration, as well as remove surface cells to smooth and soften skin, and infuse it with antioxidants.

The Refresher Peel focuses on three key components – increasing blood flow to improve sluggish circulation, mechanical exfoliation, and saturating the skin tissue with pure oxygen. It has regenerating properties, stimulates cellular activity and will leave skin hydrated and smooth. Of course, you will always have to customize treatments based on your client’s skin needs, but these are a couple of my favorites.

What tactics do you use for rehydrating your clients skin?

For more information on the Perk Me Up peel or The Refresher Peel, download The Art of Skin Peels book.

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