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Globetrotting - Summer Skin Series

Summer is just around the corner and, with the exception of coastal areas, many cities tend to slow as peak travel time sets in. There are however, a handful of people who won’t have the luxury of escaping this summer, so why not offer them a trip around the world without leaving the spa?

Launch an “Around the World in 90 Days” series in which you introduce your clients to a different region each month through themed treatments. The trip will begin in June with a visit to the tropics with the Maui Enzyme Peel. In July, it’s off to Italy with the Italian Herbal Peel. You clients will end their summer escapade in Burgundy, France in August with the Wine Peptide Lift and Firm Facial.

At the end of their summer travels the skin will be vibrant, healthy, and rested!

Hawaiian Paradise

The Maui Enzyme Peel will envelop your clients in the natural scent of a tropical paradise with the help of papaya and pineapple. This potent gommage/peel works to gently purify, soften and clarify the skin. It is a blend of vitamins, antioxidants and skin brighteners that also begins deeper tissue softening and regeneration, and is perfect for setting the tone for summer skin care. Deepen the tropical experience with the tranquil sounds of the ocean, and offer clients fresh tropical fruit and fruit juice before they leave.

The Italian Experience

Scents of mouth-watering Italian herbs like Oregano, Thyme, and Basil will take clients away to a rustic kitchen in Tuscany.This progressive treatment will soften and dissolve cellular build-up, smooth rough texture, and detoxify and purify skin. It also has potent healing and anti-inflammatory properties to restore skin health. Pair the experience with light, melodic Italian music.

South of France Wine Country

To finish the world tour and leave clients with firm, glowing skin try the Wine Peptide Lift and Firm Facial. This treatment, which uses the Apple Wine Peel, will take your clients to France’s wine country, while it exfoliates, firms, tones, lightens and delivers antioxidants to the skin. Follow with a 30-minute lift mask to tighten and brighten the skin. Music selection, again, will deepen the experience. Also offer fresh grapes and find non-alcoholic grape juice made from wine-varietal grapes like Merlot and Cabernet.

Considerfinding some passport books to track their journey and skin rejuvenation process. For protocols visit the “Downloads” section of our website or contact us. If you try the “Around the World in 90 Days,” let us know how it goes and how you added to the experience.

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