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How to Bring Valentine’s Day into Your Spa

How to Bring Valentine’s Day into Your Spa

We just came out of the holiday season, but Valentine’s Day will be here before you know it, and chances are your clients are already thinking about the perfect gift to get their significant other, or ways to pamper themselves. Either way, there are a few sweet solutions for bringing Valentine’s Day into your spa.

The Sweetheart Facial

This treatment is great for couples or for clients just looking for a little indulgence. It begins with the soothing and calming Creamy Milk Cleanser followed by a few drops of warmed Grape Seed Hydrating Serum, which leaves the skin soft, smooth and moisturized. Papaya Tangerine Enzymerejuvenates the skin and creates a silky feel – the perfect anecdote to winter weather.

Following the peel, a tantalizing duo of the chilled Milk Mask and Chocolate Antioxidant Maskbrushed onto the face and is pure bliss. As the mask works, a combination of Grape Seed Hydrating Serum and Drop of Essence can be massaged into the shoulders, arms and hands to deepen the relaxation.

Finish the treatment with the Grape Seed Moisture Gel and Daytime Defense. The skin will feel firm, tone, and smooth as satin.

Sweet Treats and Body Treatment

Body treatments are always a delicious treat, and will give your clients the supple, smooth skin they desire for Valentine’s Day. This can range from simple scrubs and massages to enzymes and peels:

  • The enzyme treatment might include the Nude Therapies Bamboo Scrub, 20% L-Lactic, and an application of the Liquid Enzyme Peel to lift away dead skin cells, and refresh and hydrate the body.
  • The peel treatment might use the 25% AHA Gel or 50% L-Lactic Acid, which work well with the body to lift away deeper layers of dead skin cells, provide antioxidants, and regenerate and hydrate, leaving the skin smooth and polished. Nourish the skin with the Ultra Exfole and Omega 6 EFA, massaged into the skin followed by a warm towel. Finish with the Energizing Peptide Spritzand Bio Reform 28. Clients will notice an almost immediate difference in firmness.
  • For massage, the RED Massage Oil, which is perfect for men or women to soften the skin.

For the ultimate Valentine’s Day treat we created the Rhonda Allison Little RED Box – a firming peptide power duo and touch of decadence for radiant skin. The box includes the Cherry Jubilee Enzyme, Chocolate Antioxidant Mask, Peptide 38, and Peptide 3-n-1 Cream. For men, the REDMethod makes a great gift, with the Buffed, Complex VI, EnviroProtect, and Eye Firm.

Around Valentine’s Day I always liked to serve a fresh chilled strawberry or an antioxidant-rich piece of dark chocolate to deepen the experience. Clients love the sweet treats. Make their experience as indulgent as possible.

Question: What do your clients ask for around Valentine’s Day?

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