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How to Help Your Teen Clientele Get Ready for Back to School

How to Help Your Teen Clientele Get Ready for Back to School

Every August and September teens around the globe begin their preparation for the first day of school. In addition to the books, school supplies and back-to-school clothes, many are also focused on putting their best face forward.

Aesthetic professionals are in a unique position to help them achieve that, particularly with teen acne being such a prevalent issue (nearly 85 percent of teens struggle with it). With the right home care tools and treatments, you can set them on the path to a clear, healthy complexion, which can also be a huge boon to their confidence.

We’ve compiled a few tips, treatments and home care regimens to help get you started.

The Teen Express

This quick, yet effective 30-minute treatment is a favorite among aesthetic professionals and of course their teen clientele because of the results it produces. The express treatment provides a deep cleanse, mild exfoliation, and healing and calming properties for healthy, glowing skin.

The treatment begins with the Beta Green Tea Cleanser, which has salicylic acid to exfoliate cells from the inside out and reduce surface bacteria. The Pepsin & Papain Enzyme will continue the work, softening the cells and comedones, reducing redness and swelling, and digesting dead cells. To deepen the exfoliation, 20% Glycolic Acid is used for its ability to penetrate the skin rapidly and deepen the desquamation process. The Rosemary Basil Mask will boost the effects of the enzyme, while providing healing and calming properties, giving the skin a vibrant appearance.

Home Care for Teens

For acne and acne-prone skin, go with a green tea and salicylic acid-based home care system. This will be effective in minimizing surface bacteria while providing healing properties. Home care regimens will vary based on individual need, but an easy skin system for teens might include:

For male teens, you might suggest an extremely simple regimen focused on cleansing and protecting. This might include the REDMethod Zeo Cleanse, Ctrl.Halt.Del. cleansing pads and EnviroProtect. The Buffed granular scrub can also be a great addition.

Question: What home care regimens have you prescribed for your teen clientele?

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