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How to Infuse the Skin with Essential Oxygen

Oxygen is necessary to life, but it is also integral to healthy skin.

In fact, all major classes of molecules in living organisms like proteins, carbohydrates and fats contain oxygen (O2), and it is essential for cellular respiration in all organisms. For this reason, we created the Double Infusion Lightening Treatment, an oxygen-based facial that literally infuses the skin with oxygen, stimulating blood flow, detoxifying and brightening the complexion.

What It Is and How It Works

The name, Double Infusion applies to the use of hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) in both the enzyme and mask. It serves a dual purpose by infusing the skin with additional rejuvenating support and increasing the efficacy of the enzyme and mask.

H2O2, which is loaded with oxygen, lightens, brightens, stimulates, purifies, and gives antibacterial support. When added to a lightening enzyme, the lightening properties are intensified as well as skin cell digestion.

This rejuvenating treatment is progressive and corrective, a fusion of the H2O2 Emulsion, Skin Brightening Enzyme, Omega 6 EFA, and the Rosemary Basil Mask or Honey Paprika Mask depending on skin type. The H2O2 Emulsion, a lower strength multi-acid blend, works to loosen trapped debris and detoxify while the oxygen in the formula aids in tissue respiration. It is one of our most versatile treatment room formulas and works in tandem with the Skin Brightening Enzyme during the enzyme application of the facial to lift stratum, increase oxygenation, reduce pigmentation, and brighten skin tone.

From here you can customize the treatment based on your client’s skin. To nourish, the Omega 6 EFA can be blended with a cocktail of either the Natural Mega Brightening Serum for hyperpigmented skin, Blemish Serum for acne/oily skin, or Super C Serum for aging/normal skin. This cocktail, which should be gently massaged into the face to increase circulation, infuses the skin with a potent dose of essential fatty acids and assists in the penetration of other active ingredients.

As I mentioned, two masks work with this treatment. Based on skin type, the Rosemary Basil Mask can be used for impure/oily skin, or the Honey Paprika Mask can be used to address aging/hyperpigmented skin. Both work to improve circulation, support regeneration, rehydrate, and assist in wound healing.

And I encourage you to take this treatment further, if you are currently using an oxygen system, by bathing the skin with pure oxygen and nutrients at the end of the treatment, prior to your finishing serums. The one we recommend is Oxiana and I have incorporated that in my treatments for many years.

The final result of the Double Infusion Signature Treatment is refreshed, renewed and hydrated skin, more even tone and texture, and a bright, glowing complexion. For more information on theDouble Infusion Lightening Treatment, download the white paper.

Question: Have you used pure oxygen or H202 in your treatments? If so, what were the differences you experienced?

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