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How to Retain Clients in a Competitive Market

How to Retain Clients in a Competitive Market

For as long as there has been business, there has been competition. Remaining top-of-mind over competitors has always required a marketing mix, albeit the mediums have changed. But there is one tried-and-true strategy that will help ensure business longevity and success.

What is this magic strategy? Client retention!

The power of current clients

It’s easy to get caught up in the chase for new clients, and no doubt this is an important part of business. But don’t forget about the clients who got you where you are today. These clients are loyal, more likely to refer you to a friend or family member, and more willing to take your recommendations on skin care regimens.

In business, one of the largest expenses is obtaining news clients, as there are often marketing expenses that come along with this. With current clients, the marketing cost is significantly reduced, but the results and customers service needs to be above par.

When you provide them an amazing experience every time, they become one of your most powerful forms marketing – word of mouth!

The art of retaining clients

There are a number of tactics you may implement to retain clients, but it all boils down to providing them an unforgettable experience and delivering visible results.

This begins with knowledge – of skin types, challenges, and treatment protocols. Knowledge enables you to create customized programs for each client, stay on top of new products and technologies, and be a reliable resource for whatever skin care concern your client may have.

When I first started I committed to always seek education. That meant devouring books and trade publications, and attending continued education courses, workshops and lectures. This approach afforded me the ability to bring back new, exciting products and treatments to clients, as well as new facts to share with them. Attention to detail is also key. This includes the little touches you add to their treatment as well as getting know who they are and the significant happenings in their lives.

How do you refresh your knowledge?

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