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In the Treatment Room With Ann Duke

In the Treatment Room With Ann Duke

Owner of Serenity Skincare in San Diego, CA.

What is your favorite treatment protocol and why?

My favorite corrective facial is one that uses Apple Wine acid with our Natural Lift Mask. This treatment doesn’t peel the skin, but gives a beautiful polish while lifting and firming the tissue. It’s one of those treatments which provide a “wow” result. My clients love it prior to an important event. My favorite peel also uses the Apple Wine in combination with our Lotus Peel. This treatment gives my clients the best of both worlds, firming and brightening.

What is Serenity Skincare best known for?

Results! My clients love to come to me because they know they will see major changes in their skin.

Do you have a recent success story you can share?

I have a client that has been working on her hyperpigmentation. We’ve only done two peels and already she is seeing results.

What is your best selling treatment or product?

My best selling treatments are my corrective facials. My best selling product is Pro Youth -10 Pure Grape Seed Elixir. It works for so many different skin types and my clients love the smell!

How do you help clients relax in the treatment room?

Even in my corrective treatments I massage the hands and arms while the client has on an enzyme, and perform reflexology on the feet while they mask. They love the extra attention and I’ve never been a person to sit around.

How do you educate clients about skin health?

I have blogs on my website which is why I think many people are attracted to my business. I find out about their lifestyle and discuss issues like nutrition and sun exposure that have such an impact on skin. I try and keep my product explanations simple and to the point, so they understand why a product is important for them to use.

Do you have any favorite marketing tools for engaging customers and attracting new ones?

Most of my new clients either come from referrals or from Yelp. I’ve been blessed to have wonderful reviews and when a new person goes to my website I think the detailed blogs help them see my background and knowledge.

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