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In the Treatment Room With Kimberly Harvey

Owner of Skinapeel Beauty in Scottsdale, AZ.

We have so many talented skincare professional from around the globe using Rhonda Allison and RA for Men products and protocols in creative ways to make a real difference in their clients’ skin. This new blog series, “In the Treatment Room with…” will highlight those professionals and how they exemplify the art and science of skincare.

What is your favorite treatment protocol and why?

I have a new favorite treatment everyday! Currently, I am finding some amazing results using Rhonda Allison enzymes in tandem with microderm and oxygen treatments. I use various enzymes, but love the Liquid Enzyme Peel, Cell Conditioner, Skin Brightening Enzyme prior to microderm or oxygen, or the lactic (L) or Maui Peel afterwards.

Since it is summer and a lot of my clients get more breakouts from being out in the hot sun and pool, I love the Rhonda Allison Dermazyme Treatment for those clients! I use Therapy E and Sea Gems post-microderm to infuse into the skin with the oxygen, which helps take down any redness from the treatment…and even sunburns! I then use a calming, cooling mask like the Grape Seed Parfait or RA for Men Cacti Mud with ice globes to further cool down the skin and continue to diminish any inflammation. I have also been finishing each treatment with the Mandelic Arginine Serum to stop any reverse breakout, a Growth Factor of choice (the Growth Factor Serum Plus is great this time of year because it feels so cooling and refreshing), and send them off with their Rhonda Allison SPF30 of course!

What is Skinapeel Beauty best known for?

I think I am best known for my customization and attention to detail in every aspect of customer care and follow-through. I do my best to provide each client with a little education, and make sure that everyone receives the proper recommendations for home care and treatment plans. I contact each client after their treatment to check in with them on how their skin is doing, as well as to offer any suggestions or help if needed. I am very passionate about ensuring everyone leaves with a better understanding of how they can help me to help them reach their goals!

Do you have a recent success story you can share?

I do! I have a few clients right now I am treating for their pigmentation issues and seeing amazing results. My most consistent client with this issue had really bad melasma all over due to some changes in her life recently. We did a 30-day skin “workout” with her the first round and saw immediately lifting and evening of her pigmentation and more even tone! She also started using Skin Brightening line (Cleanser, Lotion, and Mega Brightening Serum), Growth Factor Serum, and Brightening Cream Enhanced, as well as the eZinc and Daytime Defense SPF30 when necessary. We are now doing a series of Rhonda Allison peels with microderm and oxygen. Her hyperpigmentation has evened out so much that she can even leave the house without makeup and is loving her skin!

What is your best selling treatment or product?

My best selling treatments are my Rhonda Allison Dermaplaning and Microdermabrasion Facials. My best selling product is definitely eZinc because it is so versatile for both men and women. Clarifying Beads is another huge seller because it goes well with any of the cleansers I have my clients using. I also find that clients can’t get enough of the peptides, namely the Amino Peptide Serum or Peptide 38, and I’m very passionate about getting everyone using antioxidants, peptides and a retinol…and of course the proper cleanser.

How do you help clients relax in the treatment room?

I help clients to relax by using aromatherapy and massage. Most of my clients want to chat when they come in, but once I begin with the cleansing massage and get into the scalp massage they relax and start to unwind and just enjoy their experience.

How do you educate clients about skin health?

I am all about educating my clients any way that I can about skin care and lifestyle habits that affect their skin. I talk to them throughout the consultation about what their goals are for that treatment and how we can achieve them going forward. I then try to find ways to make suggestions or offer advice that is easy to follow and attainable.

Do you have any favorite marketing tools for engaging customers and attracting new ones?

I think all the marketing tools through Rhonda Allison are so beautifully done and there is something for everyone. I display a few of the counter cards and change them out seasonally, which are very eye-catching and prompt questions from my clients. I also have had a lot of success booking peels with the Rhonda Allison Peel Brochure, as well as developed loyal retail customers by handing out the RA Product Guide with customized recommendations for their skin.

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