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Introducing the 2012 Signature Treatment

Every year we introduce a Signature Facial, one that utilizes one of our new cutting-edge ingredients or features a new concept. This year we are excited to introduce the Hibiscus Facial as our Signature Treatment!

This beautiful, luxurious treatment is sure to become a client favorite with its stimulating sensations of ice therapy and heat wraps. It uses a second-generation AHA, which works with most all skin types, and delivers potent antioxidant support, stimulates collagen activity, fights the signs of aging, and leaves skin bright and radiant.

The Power of Hibiscus

What makes the Hibiscus Peel (Phytic Pyruvic Acid)so interesting? It is classified as a second-generation AHA. This is because it is non-irritating, and has the ability to increase cell turn over, while providing hydration (more than lactic acid). It is a phytobioactive peel that combines hibiscus, L-mandelic, and pyruvic and phytic acid. It works with all skin types, and provides skin lightening, healing and hydrating benefits. To boot, the phytic acid in the formula prevents damaging free radicals from forming during the cell disruption that occurs with most peel treatments.

The flower acids obtained from hibiscus chalices are characterized by their high level of AHA-like citric acid (10%) and pyruvic acid (5%). While AHAs are wonderful exfoliators, increase cell regeneration, and decrease wrinkles and pigmentation imperfections, they can also be irritating to many skins. Pyruvic acid on the other hand produces a similar effect in cell regeneration without the irritation. Hibiscus contains the best of both worlds – pyruvic and a mixture of AHAs.

It is the pyruvic acid and high concentrations of mucilages (polysaccharides) that give hibiscus its potent moisturization and soothing properties. It is also very effective in softening and dissolving acne cysts, balancing oil production, and brightening and rejuvenating the skin by creating desquamation, and delivering healing and hydrating support.

What new treatment will you offer in the New Year?

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