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Lets Party!

Lets Party!

“Cocktails anyone?” This is the phrase that starts almost every party. What, you might ask, does that have to do with skin care? Well at Rhonda Allison, we get our party on by mixing and blending serums, correctives and moisturizers to customize our treatments for each individual skin type and condition. The possible combinations are only as limited as your imagination and understanding of each products ingredients and purpose. Here are some of my favorites:

  • Skin Refine Gel, Rosacea Serum mixed with Growth Factor Serum. The salicylic and azelaic acid in Skin Refine helps clear pores, while the azelaic is brightening. The Rosacea Serum helps control bacteria while licorice reduces redness. I mix it into the Growth Factor Serum to buffer some of the activity of the acid. It makes for a gentle cellular turnover while stimulating new cellular development.
  • Antioxidant Complex Serum mixed with any moisturizer. If clients want antioxidant support with additional hydration the Antioxidant Complex gives them the boost they need. Additionally, Antioxidant Complex and Hyaluronic Serum mixed with Daytime Defense gives skin extra antioxidant support (defending against UVs) and additional humectant/water support with all the SPF you want.
  • Retinol Supreme mixed with Drop of Essence Hydration Drops. The retinol and lactic acid provides cellular turnover with all the skin strengthening benefits of retinol while Drop of Essence gives hydration for a dryer skin.
  • Peptide 38 or Amino Peptide Serum mixed with any moisturizer. Both of these powerhouse formulas provide instant anti-aging benefits to any moisturizer.
  • Skin Smoothing Gel mixed with any moisturizer. The addition of glycolic and l-lactic Acid into the moisturizer provides a corrective element without risking irritation for a more sensitive skin.

These are just a few possible combinations available with the Rhonda Allison line. If you have a favorite you’d like to share, we would love to hear from you and let’s get our party started!

Contributed by Ann Duke Southwest Regional Educator for Rhonda Allison

Thanks Ann for a fun and creative reminder on how to enhance and boost a client’s skin regimen.

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