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Mix and Mask

Nothing makes me happier than standing in my kitchen, staring at my cupboard or refrigerator, and combining what I have on hand to create a tasty nutritious meal. I sometimes consider myself a chef extraordinaire when I am finished! I take that same joy with esthetics when I select a mask for the completion of a treatment. The Rhonda Allison line offers an arsenal from which to choose. Whether the skin is sensitive, dehydrated, acne prone, pigmented or suffering the effects of aging there is something for everyone. The fun begins when you customize and blend more than one product to achieve a specific result. Here are some of my favorite “recipes”!

Dry/Dehydrated: Mix a 1/4 tsp. of Post Balm into the Grape Parfait, 12 Flower, Honey/Paprika or Milk Mask to create a creamy, richer, more occlusive treatment.

Aging: Combine either Amino Peptide Serum or Peptide 38 into the Natural Lift Mask along with the Natural Lift Tonic. If I have time, I'll sometimes let the first layer dry then apply a second layer for an extra, lifting boost.

Another great anti-aging combo is in the Enzyme/Mask Trio 2010 Signature Treatment: mix Grape Parfait and Milk Mask with the NaturalLift Mask. Although, this mixture doesn't dry as tight as the Natural Lift alone it gives additional antioxidant support.

Dry Acne: The Cacti Mud Mask offers wonderful calming properties after a session of extractions. For dry acne, I like to mix a 1/4 tsp. of the REDMethod Massage Oil with the mask. Either fold the oil into the mask with a wooden applicator in your hand or in a bowl.

Oily Acne: Rosemary/Basil is one of my favorite masks for acne. To boost the antibacterial support, add a 1/4 tsp. of Italian Herbal Peel to the mask and mix well. For additional support, put a layer of Blemish Serum or Mandelic Arginine Peel on the skin before applying the mask.

Acne: The resorcinol and salicylic acid in the Perfection Clay Mask clarifies thick, congested breakouts. However, sometimes this potent formula is too much for a sensitive skin, so mix a little Milk Mask into the formula to reduce the activity.

Pigmentation: Enzymes can add additional support to the mask formulas. Skin Brightening Enzymecan be mixed with the Milk Mask, Grape Parfait, Honey/Paprika or Rosemary/Basil to provide a lightening boost to a treatment. Apply Natural Mega Brightening Serum or Melanin Suppressant to the skin prior to the mask application for even more support.

For acne with pigmentation, mix the Green Tea Mask with the Skin Brightening Enzyme to give a one-two punch treatment.

Rosacea: Rosemary/Basil and the Cacti Mud Mask help soothe and calm redness and irritation. Mix either of these with a few drops of Rosacea Serum and you have a perfect blend for a rosacea skin. If the skin is dryer, mix in some Milk Mask for a creamier formula.

Some other great Enzyme/Mask combos:

  • Maui Enzyme with Milk Mask for anti-aging
  • Cherry Jubilee Enzyme with either Milk alone or Milk and Grape Parfait Mask blended together. The Cherry adds additional antioxidant support
  • Pumpkin Parfait Enzyme mixed with either Milk or the Honey Paprika mask provides the anti-aging benefits of beta-carotene, C, B1,B2, B5 and E.

So, get your mix on! The options available are only limited by your knowledge of ingredients and your imagination. Pull out your inner chef and let us know the great combinations you create!

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