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Professional Skincare | Blog | Rhonda Allison

  • Unmasking the Benefits of Facial Masks: Pt 1

    The use of facial masks dates back to ancient Egypt and China when several notable historical women used clays and creams to help purify their skin and preserve a youthful appearance. Masks have since become an integral part of any good skin care reg

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  • How to Get Your Male Clientele Ready for Movember

    You’ve likely heard of the growing movement called Movember that takes place every year. More than ­­­­one million men (Mo Bros), and now women (Mo Sistas), participate in this global movement, which started in 2003. It encourages men to grow, and wo

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  • What is the Anti-Glycation Buzz About?

    As of late, there has been a lot of talk about glycation and anti-glycation products. Some of you may be talking about it or may have wondered about it yourself. Either way, it is important for you to be in the know. In the world of skin care it is s

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  • Skincare for Moms to Be

    ...Getting that Glow While some women get to experience the radiant “glow” that often accompanies pregnancy, others don’t have the same fate. In fact, there are several common skin challenges many women encounter such as acne, melasma and rosacea. Wh

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  • Mix and Mask

    Nothing makes me happier than standing in my kitchen, staring at my cupboard or refrigerator, and combining what I have on hand to create a tasty nutritious meal. I sometimes consider myself a chef extraordinaire when I am finished! I take that same

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  • Top Autumn Ingredients for Beautiful Skin

    Though the official start of autumn is still a couple weeks away, most of us already have cooler weather and the warm colors of fall on the mind. It’s a bountiful time of year and many of the ingredients the season brings us – apples, pumpkin, grapes

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  • How to Help Your Teen Clientele Get Ready for Back to School

    Every August and September teens around the globe begin their preparation for the first day of school. In addition to the books, school supplies and back-to-school clothes, many are also focused on putting their best face forward. Aesthetic professio

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  • SELL is A Four Letter Word

    The word sell, sales, selling conjures up a picture of the proverbial car salesman with plaid polyester pants, a too wide tie and a bad haircut giving you the best deal available that will only last till the end of the day. If this is what you think,

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