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Professional Skincare | Blog | Rhonda Allison

  • Lets Party!

    “Cocktails anyone?” This is the phrase that starts almost every party. What, you might ask, does that have to do with skin care? Well at Rhonda Allison, we get our party on by mixing and blending serums, correctives and moisturizers to customize our

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  • Give Your Clients Happy Skin with Springtime Treatments

    Though it may not seem like it for certain parts of the country, spring has officially arrived. Flowers are blooming, the days are getting longer and the weather warmer. For those of us not still shoveling snow, it is a great time of year to introduc

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  • What You Need to Know About Inflammation and Skin

    Inflammation is often associated with infections and wounds, and while this association does have some validity, it’s important to remember inflammation is not a synonym for either of those. Rather it is the response caused by infection or a wound –

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  • Ingredient Spotlight: Yogurt Extract

    Yogurt has long been lauded for its health benefits, and certain historical references even credit it for producing unusually long life spans in humans. While most of the health benefits have been isolated to the body, yogurt is actually very good fo

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  • When is it Time...

    When I had my clinic years ago, one of the top questions I often received from clients was, “how do you know when it’s time to change up your skin care regimen?” It’s a common concern as season’s transition, the skin experiences changes or no longer

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  • Self Care - Increases Sales

    "Cobbler's children don't have shoes." Have you ever heard this expression? Basically, it means that when we work hard in our profession, we sometimes forget to take care of those closest to us or more important ourselves. Think about how many years

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  • Intelligent Ingredients on the Day of Love

    Valentine’s Day may be all about pampering and indulgence, but many are also looking for ways to look and feel their best on the day of love. Even if clients are just in to relax, you can still indulge their skin in antioxidants and nutrients using i

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  • Be Your Client’s Skin Coach in 2013

    Another New Year is upon us and chances are many of your clients have set their intentions and made a list of resolutions for 2013. Let’s face it, better skin health may not be at the top of their list (if it’s on it at all), so it’s up to us to talk

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