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Pt 4: How to Treat the Skin Issues that Challenge the Body

Pt 4: How to Treat the Skin Issues that Challenge the Body

Cellulite tends to be a common concern among clientele, and unfortunately, it develops more commonly in women than men. In this final post on treating the issues that challenge the body, we’ll uncover what cellulite is, how and where it shows up on the body, and the ingredients and treatments that help reduce the appearance of it.

What cellulite is and isn’t

Cellulite often accumulates around the buttocks, thighs and abdomen region, and it is the protrusion or cleaving of subcutaneous fat within fibrous connective tissue that causes the “skin dimpling.” While fat is a component of cellulite, it is only part of the story. Fibrous connective tissue adheres skin to the muscle beneath, and as the body ages, this connective tissue contracts and stiffens causing it to pull down or tighten the skin which pushes the fat cells out against the skin.

While there’s no actual cure for cellulite, a healthy lifestyle will go far to prevent and correct it. There are also ways you can help greatly improve the appearance of cellulite by increasing circulation, flushing toxins, and strengthening collagen. Body peel treatments and a good home-care system will be effective in supporting this effort.

Circulation-stimulating ingredients

Keeping in mind the goal is to increase circulation, flush toxins and strengthen collagen, there are several ingredients that will support this:

  • Exfoliators – physical exfoliators like pearl powder and bamboo will scrub away dead surface cells while stimulating circulation. Enzymatic exfoliators like L-lactic, glycolic, and L-malic acid also provide surface exfoliation and repair tissue damage. Look for these in the Bamboo Scrub.
  • Goji berry – a superfood and powerful antioxidant, this stimulates cell regrowth and repair while improving detoxification. Find it in the Energizing Peptide Spritz.
  • Organic stem cells – support antioxidant activity, skin strengthening, and the skin’s ability to resist oxidation. Find it in the Bio Reform 28.

In the treatment room

There are a number of noninvasive treatments like body peels that you may use to support clients in diminishing the appearance of cellulite. Using a body peel acid with L-lactic, salicylic, and citric acid will soften skin cells, stimulate cell turnover, and deliver antioxidant support. Alternatively, a vitamin A peel formula with peptides, will also work to regenerate and firm the skin. Corrective treatment should be followed with rebuilding ingredients like growth factors, peptides, antioxidants and organic stem cells.

For home care, outline a system that includes:

  • Exfoliation with a granular scrub to remove dead skin cells and give skin a polished glow. This may be used as a “dry rub” prior to the shower.
  • Increasing circulation using an energizing formula of peptides to awaken, re-texturize and oxygenate the skin.
  • Strengthening and rebuilding using ingredients like stem cells, growth factors and peptides to tone, reform, renew and repair the skin.
  • Protecting the skin with a natural physical blocker like zinc.

Clients may not always feel comfortable offering up skin issues they may be experiencing on the rest of their body, as this can be a sensitive issue. Often informative posters and counter cards, placed throughout your facility, about common skin challenges can put them at ease and spark the dialogue. Otherwise, regular check ins with clients also provide an opportunity. Ask what is working for them and what is not, and see if any new concerns have come up for them. This creates a more natural dialogue and comfortable environment for them to talk about it.

Question: What are some of your clients top skin concerns when it comes to the body?

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