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Quick “Perk-Me-Ups” For the Back-to-School Hustle

The lazy days of summer are coming to an end. We’re trading in our relaxing vacation days for days filled with schedules, shuttling kids to and from school, and catching up on daily chores.

Though day long spa ventures may not be as feasible as they were during the summer, there are a few ways to find moments of bliss and perk up the skin even in the midst of back to school frenzy. Be sure to give your clients tips and tools for keeping their skin energized and glowing in between treatments.

Morning Energizers

Get the morning started off right. Just as we jump start our bodies with a nutritious breakfast, the skin needs its daily dose of nutrition to look awake and fresh. Start with a light polish like the Brightening Scrub to invigorate the senses, clear away excess oil that may have accumulated throughout the night and stimulate blood flow.

To keep the skin looking refreshed all day, give it much needed support with a blast of antioxidants and vitamins. The Antioxidant Complex Serum and Super C Serum have high-powered antioxidant properties and work to control free radical damage and strengthen the skin. Finish with the Blushed Wine Gel , for iridescent, glowing skin, and Daytime Defense for protection from environmental elements.

On the Go

Sometimes we need a moment to recharge during the day. For clients on the go, arm them with travel-sized perk-me-ups. For instance, to zap tired eyes, recommend they try the Eye Revitalizer . Dabbed on throughout the day, eyes will appear bright, fresh and awake.

For instant cooling relief, moisture and to refresh skin, give clients a hydrator spray, like the Cucumber Spritz or Purifying Lotion . The Cucumber Spritz has a cooling effect and moisture binding nutrients to give skin a “drink of water.” The Purifying Lotion douses the skin with potent antioxidant nutrients, making it particularly beneficial for those who live in congested metropolitan areas. These heavy waters are perfect for travel and on-the-go.

Evening Relaxers

To unwind after a busy, stressful day recommend a quick mini treatment with chilled Ice Globes, the Cherry Jubilee Enzyme and the Chocolate Enzyme Mask . The nutrient and antioxidant-rich combination will cool the skin; act as an anti-inflammatory and repair photo-damage.

Remember Express Treatments are also great for clients on-the-go. For more information and protocols, visit the Downloads section on the site.

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