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Self Care - Increases Sales

Self Care - Increases Sales

"Cobbler's children don't have shoes." Have you ever heard this expression?

Basically, it means that when we work hard in our profession, we sometimes forget to take care of those closest to us or more important ourselves. Think about how many years you have worked in the field of aesthetics, how many times have you gone to someone else to have a facial and when was the last time you had a peel? If the answer is less than once a month, or for peels, less than once a quarter, it's time to think about the benefits of taking advantage of our own services.

The first benefit, of course, is our own well-being. Regular facial treatments keep our skin in top shape. Going to someone else, rather than pulling from the back bar to do our own treatments, gives you time to relax. If you're like me, you also have a chance to see how someone else provides a service. It allows you time to put yourself in the client's shoes to see what they feel and experience. In most case, when I go to another facility, I discover something I want to add to my own practice. Maybe it's the cucumber and orange water in a beautiful pitcher, or hands on display that entices me to inspect a product, there's always something that spurs my imagination to improve my practice.

When someone else provides a service we have another perspective on our skin care needs. Sometimes, they see issues we might have missed and this helps us adjust our home care. Plus, it encourages us to change out of a product rut.

Not only do regular peels improve the skin, reduce lines, control acne, stimulate elastin and collagen, they initiate curiosity in your clients. Whenever I've had a peel and I'm in the recovery stages when my skin is lifting and I look like a snake, my clients want to know why. This gives me the perfect opportunity to discuss the benefits of peels. And, there's never been a time when the number of peels I booked didn't increase. When clients see how easy it is to manage the peeling process, and they see the results, they are like the woman in the When Harry Met Sally Movie, "I'll have what she's having."

We, after all, are role models for our clients. When we use the best products, when we receive great treatments, when we regularly peel our skin, we are demonstrating how these practices improve and maintain beautiful skin. So the next time you rebook your client for their next regular treatment, think about making a phone call and booking one for yourself. Not only do you deserve it, but also it will benefit your business.

Could not agree with you more Ann! Great reminder and many excellent points, thanks so much for the contribution. Rhonda

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