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Show Off Your Talents in the National Face-Off Competition

Show Off Your Talents in the National Face-Off Competition

Between travel and having to contend with the kids being out of school, many clients simply don’t make it into the treatment room as often. As result, business tends to slow during the summer months. And yet, this is when skin needs the most support to prevent pigmentation issues, DNA damage and oxidative stress.

To keep clients coming in and ensure their skin gets the support it needs during the hot, dry months, there are a variety of fun, summertime treatments and promotions you might consider offering. From express treatments to home care, each is designed to give their skin the boost of antioxidants and skin-protective ingredients it needs, and may be customized to fit into their summer schedule, no matter how busy or relaxed it is.

What does the skin need this time of year?

The skin is constantly producing melanocytes to help protect our epidermis from UV damage. As we age, however, the skin loses a lot of its natural resources needed to repair and protect it. This happens more rapidly during the summer months because the skin is constantly in protection mode, which depletes these natural resources. Thus, it becomes even more important to help replenish them and support the skin during the summer.

Because melanocytes rise to the surface to help protect the skin from the sun, this activity naturally goes into overdrive during prolonged exposure to UV rays. The key during the summer is to find a balance. We have to be careful not to suppress the melanocytes, while helping ensure the skin is not overproducing them ––that’s when more permanent damage or discoloration occurs.

The goal is to maintain the production, but find a healthy balance. When ingredients designed to inhibit melanocytes are used, they’re not able to respond and protect the cell. Melanin suppressants may be ok in the treatment room, depending on the client’s skin and if they agree to be compliant with staying out of the sun. At home, however, you’ll want to limit these to their evening regimen, blend them with growth factors or a moisturizer, or eliminate them altogether. (More on this later in the post.)

To further support the skin, antioxidants are crucial during this season. Bump up antioxidants with topicals such as the Pro Youth -10 Antiox Defend Tonic or Pro Youth -10 Antiox 18 Complex, and talk to clients about consuming more antioxidants through nutrient-rich foods. Topical ingredients like glutathione and superoxide dismutase are antioxidant powerhouses and will help fight against free-radical damage. This time of year, heat also tends to get trapped in the skin. Using chilled masks and ice globes will help get any trapped heat out of the skin and ensure cells don’t get overheated or exhausted.

Summertime treatments

For busy clients, a series of summer express facials will help maintain any skincare program you’ve got them on and keep them engaged throughout the season. Consider offering a series of three, spaced one month apart. The goal of this series of treatments is to proactively catch and correct any looming damage caused by heat and UV rays using ingredients like azelaic acid, natural daisy flower, and reparative stem cells and peptides to prevent prolonged damage from occurring. A few summer express facials might include:

    • Tahiti Express
    • Tuscany Express
    • Maui Express
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