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Simple Steps to Better Skin Care: Pt 3

In previous blog posts on “Simple Steps to Better Skin Care” I reviewed the importance of routine professional treatments, proper skin care at home, and body and hair care. In this post I will review the various damaging environmental elements we encounter on a daily basis and how to avoid them.

A major skin damaging agent is the sun. Not only is it responsible for the rise in basal cell carcinoma and melanoma cases, but it also accounts for 90 percent of the skin’s aging. Antioxidants and physical blocks are essential to maintaining and achieving healthy skin, as they reduce sun damage and free radicals while providing skin support and reducing photo-aging.

Key free radical and UV ray fighting antioxidants:

  • Zinc Oxide – a naturally occurring mineral and SPF that replaces potentially dangerous chemical sun blocking agents
  • Red Algae – an organism found in shallow water that is also used as a protector against UV rays
  • Mugwart
  • SBC Complex – A compound of Sandalwood, Corktree and Barley
  • Mycosporine-like Amino Acids
  • Vitamins E and D

These antioxidants are an important extension of good skin care when applied topically, but Vitamins E and D should also be taken as supplements to boost support, especially prior to any outdoor activities. For a topical the Daytime Defense, an ultra refined complex and SPF30, will give skin support from everyday pollutants, and promote barrier support and strength. The mineral cream combines Zinc Oxide, Algae Extract, Mugwart, Rice Bran and the unique SBC Complex.

For men, the REDMethod EnviroProtect and Power Antioxidant (Complex VI), both rich in antioxidants, block damaging rays as well as free radicals. The Environ Protect contains the powerful Zinc Oxide, which is not absorbed into the skin, but instead acts as a reflective sun block when applied, protecting against UVA and UVB rays.

Remember to use an SPF30 daily, even during the winter months. UV rays damage the skin year round and are a primary contributor to skin aging.

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