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Tapping into a Strong Male Market

Tapping into a Strong Male Market

Are you missing a very important sector of your market? You may be putting all of your resources into women’s skin care and mising the ever expanding male market, you may be overlooking a very powerful segment for potential new clients.

The men’s personal-care market currently measures at $2.1 billion and by 2012 that figure is expected to reach $2.8 billion according to Nielsen. While this is a global trend, the U.S. is rapidly emerging as one of the largest markets for men’s care.

Even if you don’t have a steady stream of male clientele, remember that women have a strong influence on a man’s skin care routine. The women in your aesthetic chair are also wives, girlfriends, sisters and moms, and you can bet they suggest skin care products to the men in their lives.

The male appeal

Today men, particularly the younger generations, are taking their cues from celebrities. Looking and feeling good is not only desired by women. Men are seeking out results-oriented treatments and products, but they still want simplicity.

When we developed REDMethod we focused on what men want and what their skin needs. The result was a line that blended sophistication and simplicity, and biotech and raw ingredients designed to fit an active lifestyle. REDMethod is based on five critical skin laws:

  • Cleanse
  • Exfoliate
  • Tone
  • Restore and build
  • Protect

The REDMethod line goes beyond basic skin care using complex formulas that blend nature and science for serious cosmeceutical skin care, which more men are demanding. As this shift in the market takes place, it is imperative to have the products and services on hand to meet their needs. The Gentleman's Facial, which improves tone, texture and balance, and rejuvenates the active man’s skin, is a good way to introduce male clientele to the product line and get them started on a proper regimen.

Treating the active man

The invigorating REDMethod Facial treatment begins with a deep pore cleanse using the Blue Agave Wash, then skin is given a power blast with a combination of the Buffed scrub and potent P2 Enzyme action. PM Radical Redux and Power Antioxidant deeply hydrate, brighten, refine pores and smooth wrinkles.

Men get to experience a bit of pampering too with the Cacti Mud Mask. Chilled Ice Globes are massaged over the skin creating a cooling sensation while a warm compress steams the skin. To strengthen, restore and shield the skin, Stone Power, Friming Peptide and EnviroProtect are smoothed over the face and neck.

Be sure not overlook men as potential clients. They have tremendous buying power and are rapidly proving to be viable candidates for professional skin care products and treatments.

For more information on the REDMethod line visit www.REDMethod.com.

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