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Treatments for Rehydrating Dry Skin

Treatments for Rehydrating Dry Skin

Dry skin is an uncomfortable condition as well as a culprit in aging skin. When the skin is depleted of hydration, it loses elasticity, plumpness and luster, and will often become more susceptible to lines and wrinkles.

Treatments targeting dry skin, while beneficial year-round, can be a great addition to your palette of services during the winter season. The right treatment combined with a good home-care system will keep skin healthy all year. And you don’t have to be limited to the face. The hands commonly become extremely dry in cold weather conditions.

Aromas of the Season

The Winter Radiance Facial incorporates the enticing aromas of the season – cinnamon, clove, cherries and chocolate – and works to mildly exfoliate while firming, toning and strengthening the skin. The Cherry Jubilee Enzyme combined with light steam saturates the skin with natural polyphenols and antioxidants to build healthy skin tissue and promote cell regeneration.

A cocktail of Antioxidant Complex Serum and Grape Seed Hydrating Serum, when applied to the face, neck and décolleté, create a delicious aroma while hydrating and nourishing the skin. The Chocolate Antioxidant Mask revitalizes and replenishes the skin while repairing depleted cells. This treatment, with its moisture-binding benefits and antioxidant support, will leave skin healthy and glowing.

Replenishing Dry Skin

If skin is dehydrated, dull, sensitive and photo-aged, The Refresher Peel and Perk Me Up treatments will work to remove dead surface cells, soften the skin and stimulate cellular activity.

The Refresher Peel focuses on three components to rejuvenate the skin – increase blood flow, exfoliate dead cells, and saturate the tissue with pure oxygen. The regenerating and nourishing ingredients in the H2O2 Emulsion, Growth Factor Serum and 20% L-Lactic Acid work to enhance the effects of the microdermabrasion in the treatment. Skin will be hydrated, smooth and radiant.

The Perk Me Up uses wine extracts and AHA to firm, tone, soften and leave skin feeling smooth and polished. It is a relatively quick procedure, but it makes a noticeable different in the skin.

All about the Hand

We can’t forget about the hands! Though quick, this treatment feels absolutely luxurious. The combination of the Derma Peel with the 25% AHA Gel will soften dead skin cells, firm, tone, and provide antioxidant support. After massaging the Energizing Peptide Spritz and Bio Reform 28 into the skin, wrap the hands in heated towels and finish with the Phyto-Endorphin Hand Cream. You can send clients home with the Energizing Peptide Spritz and Bio Reform 28 to apply at night, and the Phyto-Endorphin Hand Cream to apply throughout the day. Hands will stay moist and healthy looking.

Any of these treatments, combined with home-care support will keep the skin hydrated throughout the season. Awareness on our part is key. Always be ready to change service offerings based on client need and demand, as well as the season.

Do you offer hand treatments in your facility? If so, what do you use?

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