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What is a "Lifestyle-Friendly" Corrective?

What is a "Lifestyle-Friendly" Corrective?

Is your skin sensitive? Do you still want to slow down aging? Compromised barriers need rejuvenation too. This is where “Lifestyle Friendly” correctives come in.

Typically, the main cause of an unhealthy barrier is over exfoliation from aesthetic procedures, at home exfoliants, or overuse of prescription strength topicals. While increasing cellular turnover is important, when the barrier function is disrupted, the skin is more susceptible to bacteria and the elements, and ultimately becomes sensitive and depleted of resources. This results in a “compromised barrier”.

The term “corrective” is for formulas that are used at night only, bring rejuvenation, repair, softening of the texture and other significant changes to the skin. However, often times these correctives contain ingredients that tend to over dry the skin, cause flaking and increase sensitivities. This in turn, can exasperate and actually worsen compromised barriers – hence lifestyle friendly correctives.

Strengthen the Dermis without Exfoliation and Inflammation!

Compromised skin needs correction and rejuvenation, but in a non-irritating, gentle way to strengthen the dermis and rebuild the epidermis. Rejuvenating from the inside out! Corrective products containing ingredients like Encapsulated Retinaldehyde along with repairing stem cells, provide the skin the vitamin A building and strengthening resources without creating visible exfoliation or increasing inflammation.

Encapsulated Retinaldehyde

Traditionally, individuals with compromised barriers haven’t been able to realize the rejuvenating benefits of retinol because it is often too aggressive for the skin. In most cases, it is formulated with acids like Glycolic Acid or even Salicylic Acid. The combination brings about sensitivities and can create visible exfoliation on the skin.

Retinaldehyde is a stable precursor to retinoic acid - a gentle, yet effective, lifestyle-friendly corrective that can take compromised skin to a healthy, normal place. Encapsulated Retinaldehyde, is found in Compromised Barrier Retinal Repair, similar to retinol in its ability to rejuvenate and strengthen the skin. Through this special encapsulation process, even sensitive skins may use vitamin A without the irritating side effects of most retinols. Another valuable consideration when looking at Vitamin A is to remember it does not stay stored in the body. There is a 24-hour cycle for the body to utilize this nutrient. Our Retinal Repair can be used nightly on most skins without creating sensitivities.

Pyruvic Acid

Another gentle, yet effective rejuvenating exfoliator is pyruvic acid. Found in Compromised Barrier Mandelic Repair Serum, it metabolizes rapidly in the skin. A key active to several metabolic pathways, it is often mistaken for an alpha hydroxyl acid but is actually considered an alpha-keto acid with a pH of 2.65. As part of the Krebs cycle of respiration, it stimulates collagen production, elastin and dermal glycoproteins to a greater extent than even most AHAs.

It’s important to remember that the dermal layer of the skin is the precursor to a strong epidermal layer and a properly functioning barrier. With a compromised barrier, we want to give the skin special attention by gently correcting from the inside out.

Start slowing down aging, rebuilding and strengthening the skin even during the hot summer months with this powerful duo.

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