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Why Holding True to a Philosophy is Important

Greatness is measured in many ways, and in many cases, particularly in business; it is defined by how strongly a philosophy is upheld.

I made the decision long ago to introduce more active, result-oriented formulas to the market – those that require professional guidance in their use and application. We did not want to be a mainstream, over-the-counter cosmeceutical line and never will be with the current formulas we offer. I believe very strongly that healthy, youthful skin is achieved through active treatments and home care regimens designed by the professional after proper assessment.

This step is essential to producing results, yet it is often overlooked. It is also the reason why so many consumers have become leery of product promises.

Skin care is not a one-size-fits-all. If we allow our products to be resold without the guidance and direction of an aesthetic professional, we lose what we are purporting to do. If we start giving into our philosophy we lose our integrity, and thus what makes us great.

This doesn’t just impact us as a company. It impacts the industry and the consumer. It tarnishes the reputation of the professionals out there who are trying to raise the bar on standards in this industry. Who are trying to reshape misconceptions and who truly feel passionate about making positive changes in the lives’ of their clients through professional aesthetics.

If, for instance, someone purchases our Brightening Kit from an online resale site without having any kind of dialogue on proper use or undergoing a skin assessment, we don’t know what sensitivities they might have, if they are on any medications that will heighten their skin’s vulnerability, or if they know when and how to use it. If they apply it and unknowingly spend some time outdoors they could come back badly burned or even worse, do irreversible damage to their skin. Not only has this hurt them, it impacts our brand and the professionalism of the industry, and adds fuel to the misconceptions.

It is this very reason that we don’t sell directly to the consumer. We also never aim to compete with you, the aesthetic professional, in the resale of our products. If we keep finding our products smattered across the Internet, in situations where products can be resold without interacting with the consumer, we will have to reduce the strengths of our products and become another mainstream line.

Cosmeceutically active formulas and knowledge in ingredients and techniques is what sets the aesthetic professional apart. It is what drives your business and keeps clients coming back. Unauthorized online sales hurt all of us.

Let’s all work together to uphold the greatness of our industry and the integrity of professional aesthetics.

Question: What is your opinion? Do you see the value in upholding this philosophy or do you think mainstream is the way to go?

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