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Why Our Hands Make all the Difference in Aestheticsi

Years ago I was inspired to write a poem about hands. Why? Our hands do so much. Not only do they enable us to do day-to-day rudimentary tasks, they also create greatness. With our hands magic happens.

In aesthetics our hands are our single most important tool. When we’ve mastered the art of working with our hands we learn to listen to the skin with our fingertips, and trust our hands to guide us through the treatment. Our hands, in essence, become extensions of the products we use – both equally as important as the other. Even the most skillful hands are rendered ineffective by products that don’t make a difference, and vice versa. This is also true for the equipment we use.

In aesthetics, we must learn to perfect our touch for expert extractions, master the art of massage to move fluids and toxins from the skin, work vital nutrients into the skin to firm, tone and correct, and importantly, soothe away stress. Our hands do oh so much. Develop your craft by concentrating on touch.

Enjoy the little poem below, and remember to take good care of your hands – and they will return the favor.

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