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Social Media Tips

Below are some guidelines to help you promote your business using a “grassroots” approach through social media outlets like Facebook and Instagram. These are tools that can help boost sales and bookings, but without busting the bank!

Content and Approved Marketing

If posting Rhonda Allison images, use the Approved Marketing Materials Only! These are images found under our Marketing Tools Menu on the Pro Access Site

Use Rhonda Allison Shareable Social Media Content. The public Rhonda Allison Facebook page is a great tool for content sharing

Unapproved Marketing Images Include

RA Website Banners (including RED Method, IllumiColour, Minus 10 Medical, RA Academy)

Images from the RA Image Book

Images from RA Peel Brochures or RA Product Guides

Images from RA Blogs

Images from RA Articles or Advertisements in Trade Magazines

Images from other RA Accounts/Clients

Product Images from RA Websites (must be approved to receive product image link)

Image Types & Sizes

Did you know that the size and file make a difference in your social media campaign?


File Format – PNG’s for best quality; JPG or JPEG may also be used

Cover Photo Size 828 x 315

Shared Image Size 1200 x 900

Promoting Post Recommendations

Be sure image is good quality

Text needs to be less than 20% of the post to be effective for viewers


File Format JPG or JPEG due to small file size; PNG support high-resolution images

Profile Picture Size 110 x 110

Post Image Size 1080 x 1080

Promoting Recommendations

Add a link in bio to filter traffic to your website

Be strategic with your #hastags

Be strategic with your text, the less wordy, the better!

Plan for Each Channel

Determine the social media outlets you will be active on

Develop smaller, individual plans for each social media outlet – Facebook, Instagram, etc…

When starting out, keep it simple, focus on one outlet at a time

Social Media Management Tools may organize and maintain your schedule

Social Media Advertising Dollars - set aside a budget for “paid” advertisements (customizable options)

Post and Post Consistently

Determine the frequency of your posts daily, 3 times per week, 1 time per week

Plan out content and images ahead of time - images are the most popular! Be creative!

Create a schedule to maintain consistency and track traffic

Posts should be:

Relevant to your business

Helpful to your audience

Fun and Entertaining

RA Brand Standards

RA Guidelines for Effective Social Media Marketing

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