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Enhance Your Results

Pre-treating the skin before a peel is not a requirement, but can offer powerful benefits to many skin types. Pre-treating can be used to reduce bacteria flare-ups, decrease the risk of post inflammatory hyperpigmentation, assist acids with more even penetration for those with cellular buildup, and/or to strengthen the skin and enhance the healing process.

Rhonda Allison's pre-treating options contain powerful retinoids, brighteners, anti-bacterial support, AHA's and skin strengthening ingredients. It is important to work with a professional aesthetician when pre-treating the skin to ensure optimal results.

Pigmentation Support

May assist with acid penetration depending on use Beneficial to pre-treat pigmentation, higher Fitzpatrick's, performing deeper peels

Pre-treating with lighteners suppresses melanin and can eliminate post inflammatory hyperpigmentation and lighten overall skin tone


Beneficial to start the antibacterial process due to the excessive purging that may occur with acne-prone skin

Collagen/Elastin Building

Beneficial in decreasing healing time and amount of resources available at the dermis
May assist with acid penetration and can ensure a more even peel

Rough/Thicker Texture

A more aggressive approach which may be helpful with thicker skin to assist movement and soften the tissue
May assist with acid penetration and can ensure a more even peel

Acne Scarring

Aggressive approach is recommended
Beneficial to reduce the build-up underneath the skin
Depending on age and build-up of scar, will have an impact on the pre-treat option

Sensitive Skin/Compromised Barrier Function

Beneficial to prepare sensitive, rosacea or thinner skins prior to peels
Assists in loosening the epidermis layer, increases ATP energy, anti-inflammatory and antibacterial support
Assists in healing and strengthening of skin

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