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Prevent & Protect

Summer can bring a glow to the skin so you might say bring it on, however, not all skin’s benefit from the season of summer. Our focus for this season is prevent and protect.

Sometimes sun damage shows up years later in the form of Pigmentation and active cancer cells. Unfortunately, sun damage isn’t the only concern. We can see an increase in oil and acne during this time too. Primarily in more humid climates.

Our goal with our summer series and summer home care regimens is to reduce the risk of sun damage and pigmentation by increasing Antioxidants and SPF as well as using products that slow down the melanocyte activity. For oil production and acne, we strive to offer purifying treatments and light weight hydrators that help balance oil production. With awareness and some simple steps, summer skin can be saved!

Rhonda Allison recognize that clients have busy schedules and making time for regular treatments can be challenging during this season. We offer a variety of treatments to fit busy summer schedules, while also slowing down the impact of sun exposure, increased risk of pigmentation and dehydration.

Click below to download some of our favorite Summer Pro Treatments.

Maui Express


Tahiti Express


Tuscany Express


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