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The Compromised Barrier concept was developed with the understanding that a healthy barrier is the first line of defense when it comes to skin wellness.

Compromised barrier function is more prevalent than ever before due to the overuse of prescription-strength topicals, overuse of AHA’s, excessive or extreme professional treatments, skin and immune system disorders, as well as the environment we live in today.

It is vital to understand the function of the barrier and its importance. The stratum corneum protects the skin from environmental toxins, UV rays, bacteria, and trans epidermal water loss (TEWL) which can create dehydration. When the barrier is compromised your skin will be more prone to inflammation, irritation, infection and other sensitivities.

Repairing the barrier function is not an easy task but an important one for licensed professionals. Using the right combination of ingredients to decrease inflammation and sensitivities, an increase in hydration and lipid levels within the skin is needed to restore the barrier function and bring skin back to its optimal health. Rhonda Allison developed two protocols to target those suffering from compromised barriers in our Resuscitate Your Skin Facial and CBR Peel as well as a home care regimen using some of the most skin-strengthening ingredients available today!

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