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Give your clients the experience of traveling to exotic summer locations without ever leaving home!

The RA Facial Skincation Summer Series is a great way to transport your clients during these summer vacation months. This series is three 30-minute express facials (you can turn into an hour if desired) designed to help exfoliate, nourish and restore summer-depleted skin.

Keep in mind how busy schedules during these months can be so sometimes a 30-minute series will keep them coming and stocking up on retail!

Start by tantalizing the senses with the tropical bouquet of Maui. Then it’s off to Tahiti with exotic flower essence. Complete your clients’ Skincation with the mouth-watering aromas of a Tuscany kitchen using oregano, thyme and basil.

Pre-book appointments for June, July and August and keep your client’s skin healthy and glowing all summer long!


Recommended menu cost for a 3-series package: $150

Get everything you need for all 3 express facials and start promoting your summer menu today!

Backbar Special Includes:
CB Soothing Cream Cleanse (120ml)
PY-10 HA Hydra Mist (120ml)
PY-10 Derma-Zyme (50ml)
Maui Peel (30ml)
Italian Herbal Peel (30ml)
Melanin Suppressant 30ml
Mandelic Arginine Peel (30ml)
Hibiscus Peel (30ml)
50+ AHP Booster (9g)
PY-10 C-Stem Cell (15ml)
Rosemary Basil Mask (30ml)
Milk Mask (120ml)
12 Flower Mask (30ml )
AND 25 Skincation Marketing Cards

Protocols for RA’s Maui Express, Tahiti Express and Tuscany Express Included.


25 Pack for $12


Don’t let your clients leave without their favorite RA home care products, gifted in a small box. Perfect when traveling nearby or abroad as these collections easily fit into your carry-on or overnight bag.

Purchase any 5 Travel Collections within the same brand and receive the 6th one for free! Mix and match to get variety to meet all your client’s needs!

**Free kit is determined by the lowest price out of the 6 kits and must be in the same retail brand**

Pro Youth -10 SPECIAL: Buy 5 - Get 1 Free (6 Kits Total)

Resveratrol Glow

Mandelic TransFIRMation

Pumpkin Power

Pigmentation Solutions SPECIAL: Buy 5 - Get 1 Free (6 Kits Total)

Sun Induced Travel

Melasma Travel

Inflammatory Travel

Acne Remedies SPECIAL: Buy 5 - Get 1 Free (6 Kits Total)

Clear Relief Travel

Cystic Relief Travel

Athlete on the Go

Rosacea Rescue SPECIAL: Buy 5 - Get 1 Free (6 Kits Total)

Soothing Relief Starter

Redness Relief Starter

Compromised Barrier SPECIAL: Buy 5 -Get 1 Free (6 Kits Total)

Climate Stress Relief

Revive the Glow

Skin Rehab SPECIAL: Buy 5 – Get 1 Free (6 Total Kits)

Holistic Relief

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