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Be In the Know

Keeping You Informed - Special Announcements, Media Coverage, Marketing Updates

Don’t let winter take a toll on skin!

Back by popular demand, Rhonda Allison’s Skin Quench Series is now here! Soothing facials performed in a series of three to hydrate, heal and restore. Parched winter skin will be renewed to buoyant health for a dewy, luminous glow with the creamy, soothing essence of pure milk protein, all-important essential oils, vital antioxidants and healing serums.

MILK & HONEY FACIAL - Begin the road to winter rescue with RA’s Milk & Honey Facial. Providing soothing support with nutrient-rich extracts and milk acids, skin will feel renewed, hydrated and nourished.

VITA-RENEW FACIAL - Continue the Skin Quench Series with a vitamin-infused facial and rescue skin from the winter blues. Skin will drink in the nutrients, vitamins and love the hydration!

H2GLOW FACIAL - Finish the series with an infusion of lightening, hydrating and healing ingredients. Leave skin quenched and glowing as clients move into the spring season.

  • Replenishes & Nourishes Dry, Depleted Skin
  • Restores Barrier Improves
  • Elasticity & Buoyancy
  • Bathes Skin in Essential Moisture
  • Soothes & Calms Inflamed Skin
  • Provides a Radiant Complexion

Be Sure to Check Out our Specials – on Sale Now! Click here to view protocols.

A Year of Perfect Vision and Exciting Innovations

As we move forward in 2020, full of New Year’s resolutions - renewed and ready to get to work, it is so important to visualize, keeping the end-goal always in sight. Our goal at Rhonda Allison is to help you grow – both as an aesthetic professional and in your business. To that end, 2020 will be a year of perfect vision with exciting educational and marketing opportunities to look forward to.

  • Boot Camp 101 - Intense 3-day, One-on-One, Education Immersion & Discovery
  • Nation-Wide RA Exposés – A Show-Like Experience with Live Demonstrations, Workshops, Product Discounts, a New Booth Reveal and So Much More
  • Concept Rebranding - A Packaging Re-Design Sure to Help You Sell Your Retail, New Brochures & Workbooks and a Concept for Every Skin Type
  • Rosacea Rescue – Our New Signature Concept for 2020

Stay tuned to your RA Weekly Updates and be on the lookout for more information coming your way soon on these exciting opportunities and revelations! We look forward to growing with you!

RA Launches New & Improved RA Academy Website

Get ready to elevate your skin intelligence! Rhonda Allison recently launched its new and improved RA Academy Website. We don’t want you to miss the latest and greatest educational webinars and advanced education opportunities.

You will need a separate login to access, so please use the following link to create a new login: https://ra.academy/account/login. If you don’t get a response in your email, be sure to check your junk mailbox, too!!!

Check-out complimentary topic webinars and learn more about seasonal marketing, pro-youth regimens, the difference in retinoids, the value of cleansers and toners, and much, much more. In addition to topic webinars, be sure to explore our advanced classes with our Master Peel Series, Mastering Signature Concepts, and our Elevate Your Skin Intelligence courses! Become the expert you’ve always wanted to be!

RA Sales Team Hard at Work

Excerpts from Brian Holmes; 7 Keys for Conquering Change

Conquering freezing temperatures in Vail, Colorado, the Rhonda Allison sales team headed to the mountains this week for RA’s 2019 Annual Sales Retreat. The theme this year was conquering change. Tony Robbins said, “Change is inevitable, but progress is optional.” Everyone faces change, whether personally or professionally. It’s how we handle that change that counts!

Brian Holmes’ 7 Keys for Conquering Change provides some helpful tips to successfully navigate us through seasons of change – whether we’re up against it today or find ourselves navigating in the future.

Key #1: Recognize when something’s season had ended.

Ask yourself questions to help you recognize which stage or season in your life you are in. Is there still passion? Is there still fulfillment? Do you still find it to be enjoyable? Has it become draining? Some things or relationships are in your life for seasons, then they move on, or you move on. We have a hard time letting go of relationships. That said, it’s important to recognize when something’s season has come to an end.

Key #2: Embrace change.
This may involve some grieving. When you begin to close out that season and acknowledge you’re moving on to a new chapter, you can embrace change. Look ahead to the future and focus on your tomorrow. As we embrace change, we realize change produces growth in us. It produces forward progress and brings new opportunities. Embrace change and go through the process of what it means to embrace it.

Key #3: Let go of the past.
Let go of past hurts, disappointments and failures. And when it’s your time to move forward, remember not everyone is on the same journey. Let go when you need to. Also remember, failure is just a moment – tomorrow holds opportunity and fresh ideas.

Key #4: Identify opportunities.
Instead of focusing on what has been, we should focus on what can be. Identify new opportunities.

Key #5: Concentrate on growth areas.
If you’re going to become the person capable of mastering new levels, it’s going to require that you grow in some areas. Grow your mind. Your ability. Learn new skillsets. Deal with bad attitudes and habits. Ask yourself, “What do I need t know that I don’t presently know? What new disciplines do I need to acquire in order to master this new opportunity?”

Key #6: Commit to your future.
Make a full commitment to “go all in” – no matter the cost. Commit to it. No reservations. Your next chapter is designed to be greater than the previous. Your tomorrow is destined to be more fulfilling than your yesterdays.

Key #7: Trust.
The past is behind you. There is a new level. New Experiences. Simply trust and say “No!” to resistance so you can go all in and experience all that’s in store for you in the new season.

Wanting some website insight?
Watch our "How To" Video!

The new Rhonda Allison website is loaded with features to improve your RA experience. With scrolling and search features, expanded resources, more education and information and a quick shop encounter, your Rhonda Allison website experience will be elevated to a whole new level. Watch our “How To” video below and discover things you may have missed!

Shannon Esau Named Industry Expert

Skin Inc. recently updated its advisory board to include six new spa and skin care professi­onals. The Skin Inc. Advisory Board serves as a sounding board to what is happening in the spa industry. These industry veterans provide Skin Inc. editors with expert input on given topics, contribute their thought leadership through articles and bring that thought leadership to life by presenting at Face & Body events nationwide. The six new additions to the 14-member advisory board include: Lisa Stewart, Shannon Esau, Sherrie Tennessee, Erin Madigan-Fleck, Lisa Jenks and Marion Simms.


We have known for a while that a company going by the name “TheDuchess” has been selling Rhonda Allison products on Amazon. We would like to assure you that this is not a Rhonda Allison account. This is a company that has been buying from on-line sources and re-selling Rhonda Allison products through third-party sources at higher prices.

Under no circumstances does Rhonda Allison allow this type of action. When Rhonda Allison products are sold through any other means than an "authorized" partner, such as Amazon or eBay, these places are considered to be "diverted" and can constitute a high risk to the consumer. Such product may be diluted, expired or counterfeit and may not be safe to use or perform as tested.

We want to assure you, Rhonda Allison makes every effort to monitor these types of sales and have them removed from the internet immediately.Obtaining unauthorized seller’s information may take time and we appreciate any information you can give to us.


1. If you are aware of any companies who sell Rhonda Allison products through unauthorized, third-party sources, please contact us immediately either through the RA Education Forum or directly at info@rhondaallison.com.

2. If you are an on-line Rhonda Allison retailer, please do NOT sell to anyone that goes by the following information:

JACQUELINE NGOMESIA (also given us the name Jackie Empowers and HENRY NGOMESIA)
5605 Glen Lake Ln
ORLANDO, Florida, 32808

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to call us and speak with an RA Educator, or reach out to us through the RA Educational Forum!

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