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Maximize Your Profits

Throughout the year, Rhonda Allison offers special discounts on seasonal treatments, selected kits and products and new product releases. Be sure to login as a professional to purchase these items. Make sure to come back and check out our specials each time you shop!


Summertime brings the anticipation of sunny days and relaxing vacations. Let RA be your clients’ skin tour guide throughout the summer season as they experience the thrill of exciting European destinations with RA’s Summer Express Tour. These tranquil, thirty-minute express facials are designed to exfoliate, nourish and restore summer-depleted skin.

Garden of Versailles

Take a moment to stop and smell the flowers as you enjoy an express tour through the Garden of Versailles. Immerse skin in the botanical essence of daisy, hibiscus, and rose hip while infusing it with antioxidants, healing vitamins and hydration for the ultimate glow.

Lavaux Vineyard, Switzerland

Enjoy a sip of the finest wine at the Lavaux Vineyard in the Swiss Alps. Have skin “buzzing” from the beautiful essence of luxurious grapes that will firm and tone, provide antioxidant support and smooth fine lines.

Santorini, Greece

Dip your toes in the waters of Santorini, Greece to instantly refresh during these warm months. Submerge skin in stem cells, oceanic ingredients and cooling sensations to leave it feeling soothed, hydrated and healed from summer damage.

Summer Express Tour Series (SP2106-1)
Special: $199

Mandelic Arginine Peel 30ml
50+ AHP Booster 9gm
Nutra 8 Booster 9gm
PY - Derma-Zyme 50mL (Derma Peel)
Hibiscus Peel 30mL
PY - Cherry Jubilee Enzyme 50mL
PS - Skin Brightening Enzyme 50mL
12 Flower Mask 30mL
PY - Grape Seed Antiox Mask 120mL (Grape Seed Parfait Mask)
LumiStem Gel Mask 120mL

Summer Express Tour Series Add - On (SP2106-2)
Special $135***

PY - HA Hydra Mist 120mL
PY - Berry Wine Tonic 120mL
PY - C-Stem Cell 15mL
PY – Antiox 18 Complex 50mL
PY - Pure Grape Seed Elixir 50mL
PY - DNAge Reversal 30mL
PY -Resveratrol B3 Gel 50mL
***Sold only with purchase of Summer Express Tour Series Special

Order Now and Start Booking your Summer Express Tour Facials today!
Click Here
for Protocols

Home Facial Systems

Let moms unwind and relax with a spa-like experience - all from the comfort of their homes. Our home facial systems will keep skin healthy, hydrated and nourished, and moms stress free!

Each facial system contains enough for 3-4 treatments with product left over and comes with easy-to-follow directions. There is a system to meet every skin need, with eight enticing systems to choose from.

IllumiColour is Getting a New Look and Refined Formulations

We are so excited for you to see and experience IllumiColour’s “brand new” look and enhanced formulations. To make room on our shelves, we’d like to pass on some savings before the new inventory arrives.

Now $15 ea.

RA Illumicolour Elegant Brushes are ultra-plush, total face makeup brushes with cruelty-free, synthetic bristles that will not shed. Applying the perfect amount of loose mineral powder, or even crème makeup, these premium foundation brushes deliver a flawless, natural-looking finish every time!

Now $8 ea.

Providing a healthy, long lasting dose of hydration for a moist, dewy shine, LIPS original formula glosses are fortified with six natural remedy oils, including vitamin E, for lip restoration, natural flower wax to lock-in moisture and pomegranate for potent antioxidant support.

Available In 5 Divine Colors:

  • Nude – a subtle blushed touch
  • Petal – the softness of pale pink flower petals
  • Bellini – a light hint of beautiful peach
  • Blossom – for a deeper awakening of pink
  • Poppy – a burst of delicate red

Now $10 ea.

Using a high quality, organically-grown, hemp-based CBD oil to enhance healing support, CBD-Infused LIPS glosses contain all the benefits of our original formula PLUS an added boost of antioxidant, antibacterial and anti-inflammatory support that seals in moisture to prevent dry, flaky lips.

  • Rooibos Spice + - spiced peach nectar
  • Kashmiri Chai + - for the faintest blush
  • Fuchsia Roselle + - deep red essence
  • Blossom + - a shimmering shade of pink

Supplies won't last long - PURCHASE NOW!

Home Peels are Back - Order Today!

Give your clients a professional peel treatment - all from the safety of home!

As we all practice social distancing, at-home peels are not only a good way to keep your clients' skin looking fabulous but also provide a wonderful opportunity to expose them to the new branding and retail products they may not already be using.

Our Home Rejuvenation Peel Systems use some of our most advanced correctives to give skin a progressive peel. Incorporating Skin Rehab for post-care support, treat every skin to a fresh, renewed, healthy-looking complexion. Each system contains enough product for a minimum of (6) home care peels to be done every other week.

Home Rejuvenation Peel Systems

Pro Youth/Pigmentation (SP2004-2) - Download Protocol

System Includes:

  • Pumpkin Cleanser (30mL)
  • Pumpkin Parfait Enzyme (15mL)
  • Mandelic Arginine Serum (15mL)
  • Skin Smoothing Gel (15mL)
  • Retinol Supreme (15mL)
  • Creamy Milk Cleanser (30mL)
  • Cucumber Spritz (30mL)
  • Growth Factor Serum (10mL)
  • Infuse 7 (15mL)

Acne/Rosacea/Sensitive Skin (SP2004-3) - Download Protocol

System Includes:

  • Beta Green Tea Cleanser (30mL)
  • Cherry Jubilee Enzyme (15mL)
  • Mandelic Arginine Serum (15mL)
  • Skin Refine Gel (15mL)
  • Salicylic Serum (30mL)
  • Creamy Milk Cleanser (30mL)
  • Cucumber Spritz (30mL)
  • Growth Factor Serum (10mL)
  • Infuse 7 (15mL)

Buy 1 System for $97 ea. (OR) Choose Any Combination of 3 for $89 ea./$267 total
Suggested Retail: $199 ea.

Note: Discount does not reflect in shopping cart but will be applied when order is processed.

Does your business or spa offer luxury pedicures?

RA has been a major contributor to the aesthetic industry over 30 years. What started as R&D for result-oriented chemical peels fast developed into a world-renowned skin care line with far-reaching outcomes for all skin.

Realizing we had much to offer the pedicure world, we began testing formulations. The result - RA Pedicure Series!

Our formulations conisit of botanical extracts, acids and nutrients that will change the skin, delivering softer, smoother, well-hydrated feet. We believe strongly in formulating without skin irritants and using the purest ingredients possible.

Naturally Based

  • All scents and coloring are natural properties of plants – no artificial dyes or fragrance
  • Paraben free
  • No sodium lauryl sulfates
  • Essential oil preservative systems
  • Formulated with epidermal growth factors, antioxidants, nourishing lipids and more!


Bathe feet in pure decadence! Let the skin softening properties from fruit and lactic acids gently exfoliate rough, calloused tissue, revealing smoother, healthier feet while antioxidant-rich chocolate fills the air creating the ultimate treat for the feet. Finish with a veil of silky moisture from omegas and grape seed oil during a relaxing massage. Feet will be left softer, smoother and hydrated!


Purify and hydrate tired feet! This pedicure begins with a gentle exfoliation using pumpkin fruit and lactic acid to smooth and soften rough, calloused feet. Then let the purifying blend of cactus flower and earth clays draw out impurities, easing fatigue and stress. Finish your treatment with a relaxing foot massage using our nourishing and hydrating blend of grape seed and omega oils. The perfect way to revive and restore feet!

Click here for Pedicure Protocols

Special Buy-In Pricing - $325 (About 25% Off)

Everything you need to perform any RA Luxury Pedicure Treatment.

System Includes:

  • Citrus Soak (240ml)
  • Lactic Heel Softener (120ml)
  • Tantalizing Cherry Polish (120ml)
  • Pumpkin Spice Polish (120ml)
  • Milk Essence Mask (120ml)
  • Grape Replenish Mask (120ml)
  • Chocolate Detoxifying Mask (120ml)
  • Cacti Mud Mask (120ml)
  • Silky Peptide Cream (240ml)
  • Bamboo Pearl Scrub (240ml)

Products also available for individual purchase.

Learn more about the RA Skin Care Pedicure Line.

Purchase your RA Pedicure Products today.

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