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Maximize Your Profits

Throughout the year, Rhonda Allison offers special discounts on seasonal treatments, selected kits and products and new product releases. Be sure to login as a professional to purchase these items. Make sure to come back and check out our specials each time you shop!

Back to School Specials Available Soon!

It’s almost that time of year! Send your students back to school “selfie-ready”! Every student, whether high school or college, teens or twenties, wants fresh, clear skin that first day of school. RA provides corrective treatments and easy-to-use systems for those busy students on-the-go to keep their skin healthy and blemish-free all year long!

Rhonda Allison’s corrective treatment, the Prep and Prime Facial, provides quick, effective antibacterial support and a thorough, deep-pore cleanse for fresh, beautiful skin. A versatile, clarifying facial with lots of options that uses digestive enzymes to support normal to problematic skin while providing calming relief with rosemary and basil; reduces inflammation and redness, hydrates and nourishes, balances oil and purifies for more vibrant, healthy-looking skin.

  • Perform in a series of 3 for potent skin transformation.
  • May be used with extractions.
  • Choose from multiple options to customize facial based on skin needs.
  • A great treatment to up-sell home care maintenance regimens for clear skin year-round.

Be looking for specials on the Prep and Prime Facial and student home care systems – coming your way soon!

Minus 10 Youthful Skin Collections on sale now!

Looking for the “Fountain of Youth” to deliver results to aging skin? Our Minus 10 Youthful Skin Collections target all the mechanisms that affect skin degradation, merging the forefront of cutting-edge science with natural, ground-breaking formulations to bring you the most powerful re-youthing regimens to date.


SPECIAL: Set of 3 // $495
System includes:
AGE less 30mL
Peptide 38 30mL
Infuse 7 30mL
ChronoPeptide A 30mL
Eye & Lip Renew Serum 15mL
Sheer Tint Finisher SPF18 30mL

YOUTHFUL SKIN COLLECTION – Sensitive Skin (SP1902-6)

SPECIAL: Set of 3 // $380
System includes:
C-Stem Cell 15mL
Mandelic Arginine Serum 15mL
SynErgy A 30mL
Exotica Rhodiola 30mL
Infuse 7 30mL
Daytime Defense SPF30 30mL

PLUS – Get your FREE 30mL RA Treatment Cleanser with each Youthful Skin Collection box for a total of 3 cleansers per special!


Lotus Peel (120mL) -
Now 10% OFF

Rhonda Allison’s Lotus Peel is a unique acid peel utilizing the exotic lotus flower, a free radical scavenger with more brightening capabilities due to its ability to hold its efficacy in lower pH acids. With the added benefits of salicylic and gluconic acid, this advanced Jessner peel is a gentle solution for those with sensitive skin.

  • Offers anti-inflammatory, antioxidant and antibacterial support.
  • Inhibits damage on a molecular level from free radical stress.
  • Hinders melanin production and effectively lightens age spots and pigmented areas.
  • Delivers a radiant complexion, smoother skin tone & younger-looking skin.

Order your Lotus Peel today and try out two of our favorite peel protocols! Special applies to 120ml sizes ONLY.

DETOX PEEL – Progressive Plus
A cleansing, detoxifying treatment to control oil, reduce bacteria and assist in healing of active acne lesions.

DNAge A-PEEL – Mid-Depth
A multi-layered peel that is great for impacting skin at a cellular level, repairing damage and increasing collagen production for total rejuvenation and a youthful complexion.

Wear It & Sell It! Buy a Love Your Skin T-Shirt or RA Hat - Get Second Shirt or Hat 50% Off!

Other than showing off your beautiful skin, what better way to market your line than by wearing it! Available in an array of fun summer colors, RA Apparel is professional enough for you, your staff or your clients to wear to work, but comfortable enough for a casual weekend. Whether our distressed RA Hats or our super-soft Signature "Love Your Skin" T-Shirts, RA Apparel may be worn under smocks and blazers or with dress pants and jeans. With just enough bling to catch the eye and bedazzle the viewer, there's something for everyone and every style!

Click here for available colors, styles and sizes. To purchase, just type in promo code: APPAREL

Summertime brings the anticipation of sunny days and relaxing vacations. Let us be the skin's tour guide throughout the summer season as clients experience the thrill of exciting European destinations with RA's Summer Express Tour. These tranquil, thirty-minute express facials are designed to exfoliate, nourish, and restore summer-depleted skin.

Promote in a series of three to really sell your Summer Express Tour. Enhance your clients' spa experience by providing a beautiful flower at the Garden of Versailles, a glass of wine at the Lavaux Vineyard in Switzerland, and a refreshing citrus drink during their stop at the island of Santorini, Greece.

Garden of Versailles
Take a moment to stop and smell the flowers as you enjoy an express tour through the Garden of Versailles. Immerse skin in the botanical essence of daisy, hibiscus, and rose hip while infusing it with antioxidants, healing vitamins and hydration for the ultimate glow

Download Protocol

Lavaux Vineyard, Switzerland
Enjoy a sip of the finest wine at the Lavaux Vineyard in the Swiss Alps. Have skin "buzzing' from the beautiful essence of luxurious grapes that will firm and tone, provide antioxidant support and smooth fine lines.

Download Protocol

Santorini, Greece
Dip your toes in the waters of Santorini, Greece to instantly refresh during these warm months. Submerge skin in stem cells, oceanic ingredients and cooling sensations to leave it feeling soothed, hydrated, and healed from summer damage.

Download Protocol

Summer Express Tour (SP1905-1)

SPECIAL: Buy 5 / Get 1 FREE

Summertime brings the anticipation of sunny days and relaxing vacations. Let us be the skin’s tour guide throughout the summer season as clients experience the thrill of exciting European destinations with RA’s Summer Express Tour. These tranquil, thirty-minute express facials are designed to exfoliate, nourish and restore summer-depleted skin.

Summer Express Tour Backbar Special Includes:

  • Mandelic Arginine Serum - 30ml
  • 50+ AHP Booster - 9g
  • Nutra 8 Booster - 15g
  • Derma Peel - 50ml
  • Hibiscus Peel - 30ml
  • Cherry Jubilee Enzyme - 50ml
  • Skin Brightening Enzyme - 50ml
  • 12 Flower Mask - 30ml
  • Grape Seed Parfait Mask - 50ml
  • LumiStem Gel Mask - 120ml
  • *Soar Through Summer Counter Card (1)
  • *Summer Express Tour Marketing Cards (25)

*While supplies last

Summer Express Tour Add On (SP1905-2)

Don’t let clients get bumped-off the trip because something wasn’t packed! Complete your Summer Express Tour with
our Add-On package.

Tour Add-Ons Includes:

  • Cucumber Spritz - 120ml
  • Berry Wine Lotion - 120ml
  • C-Stem Cell - 15ml
  • Antioxidant Complex Serum - 50ml
  • Grape Seed Hydrating Serum - 50ml
  • Sea Gems - 30ml
  • Blushed Wine Gel - 50ml
  • Daytime Defense SPF30 - 30ml

Note: Sold with purchase of Summer Express Tour Backbar Special only.

25-Pack Summer Express Tour Marketing Cards

Increase awareness and revenue by promoting your professional treatments with our Summer Express Tour Marketing Cards.


Bathe skin in essential moisture as the travel through the tour season to keep it nourished, hydrated, and supple. The perfect compliments to your professional Summer Express Tour Series treatments.

Summer Series Essentials (SP1905-3)

Stay hydrated this summer with RA's Summer Series Essentials. Skin will drink-in luxurious, pro-youth oils and nutritious antioxidant support as the natural aromas and light, airy feel creates a very pleasant experience while supplying essential moisture protection for soft, supple skin, and a more toned, radiant complexion.

System Includes:

  • Cucumber Spritz - 120ml
  • Grape Seed Hydrating Serum - 50ml
  • Blushed Wine Gel - 50ml

Summer Series Travel System (SP1905-5)

SPECIAL: Buy 5 / Get 1 FREE

Don’t leave home without your skincare summer essentials. The perfect choice for normal to aging skin, RA’s Summer Series Travel system is just the right size for anyone. Keeps skin toned and glowing for a luminous summer complexion while providing nourishing support from milk protein, wine extracts and anti-inflammatories for a hydrated, healthy-looking complexion.

System Includes:

  • Creamy Milk Cleanser - 30ml
  • Berry Wine Lotion - 30ml
  • Antioxidant Complex Serum - 15ml
  • Blushed Wine Gel - 15ml
  • Eye Revitalizer - 10ml

Summer Series Express Refresh (SP1905-5)

SPECIAL: Buy 5 / Get 1 FREE

Needing a quick pick-me-up? Restore and rejuvenate parched, lifeless skin with RA’s Summer Series Express Refresh. Our travel-sized trio targets dehydration and depletion from environmental incursion to revive dull, dry skin and delivers a light exfoliation and potent dose antioxidants and moisture to awaken, polish and recondition summer skin.

System Includes:

  • Cucumber Spritz - 30ml
  • Cherry Jubilee Enzyme - 15ml
  • Grape Seed Parfait Mask - 15ml

Summer Pigment Control (SP1905-6)

SPECIAL: Buy 5 / Get 1 FREE

Rejuvenate, nourish and protect skin through hot, sunny summer months with RA’s Summer Pigment Control. Enjoy the sun while keeping pigment under control with potent antioxidant support, essential moisture and vital UV protection for beautiful, luminous summer skin.

System Includes:

  • C-Stem Cell - 15ml
  • Mandelic Arginine Serum - 15ml
  • Daytime Defense SPF30 - 30ml
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