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Maximize Your Profits

Throughout the year, Rhonda Allison offers special discounts on seasonal treatments, selected kits and products and new product releases. Be sure to login as a professional to purchase these items. Make sure to come back and check out our specials each time you shop!

Get Ready - Father's Day is June 21st!

Make it a happy Father's Day for all the men who step up to are a positive difference in a child's life

Father’s Day celebrates the sacrifices and contributions that dads and dad role models make for our children. So, this Father’s Day let’s pass on the neckties, and he already has a “Best Dad Ever” t-shirt, instead, give him a gift that will last a lifetime! Remind him that aging isn’t “man-datory”!

REDMethod is all about simplicity and results - simplified in its approach, complex and powerful in its delivery! Give your men the gift of protected, healthy, younger-looking skin!


Did you know that May is Skin Cancer Awareness Month and that men over the age of fifty account for almost half of the melanomas diagnosed? The best way to prevent the dangerous cellular cascade caused by UV radiation is by putting on sunscreen.

Encourage those dads to check their skin regularly and WEAR SUNSCREEN EVERYDAY! It’s a gift that could last a lifetime and save their life. REDMethod EnviroProtect SPF22 uses a natural UV block of zinc oxide that quickly absorbs into skin making it the perfect sunblock and daily moisturizing protector for healthy, younger-looking skin.

*Special applies to REDMethod products and kits currently in stock.

Now Available!


Keeping skin healthy, hydrated and revitalized during the summer months is important and even more so during COVID-19 challenges. Get your clients excited about beautiful, healthy, glowing skin today!


The spa industry is opening but many still cannot perform facials or peels due to face mask restrictions. Try kick-starting your business with an RA Body Campaign to encourage body health and rejuvenation.

Treating the whole body with scientifically proven elements generally found only in the most exclusive facial products, your clients will relax with gentle massages, warm towels and ice therapy. Our results-oriented body treatments care for the whole body including the décolleté, back, arms, hands and feet – spa indulgence with clinical results!

· Smooth Rough Texture & Polish Skin

· Diminish Pigmentation Concerns

· Stimulate Collagen

· Provide Deep Hydration

· Reveal Younger, Radiant, Summer-Ready Skin

To help start your Body Campaign, RA is now offering:


If you have professional (backbar) products that you are wanting to incorporate into treatments before they expire, just reach out to an RA Educator for creative ideas and other protocol options.

For our body treatment protocols DOWNLOAD HERE.

Express Facial
SPECIAL $200.00

Intended to be done in a series of three, 2-3 weeks apart, this express facial is a great way to get clients back in the door and excited about healthy skin.

Strengthening compromised, at-risk skin by stimulating surface cell turnover for healthier tissue, this treatment not only brightens skin tone but boosts collagen for pro-youth results. Infusing skin with protective antioxidants, healing vitamins and soothing hydrators, your clients will be able to let the stress roll away while giving skin a lasting dose of health.

System Includes:

- Creamy Milk Cleanser (CB) 120ml
- Skin Brightening Cleanser (PS) 120ml
- Mint Papaya Enzyme 30ml
- Melanin Suppressant Solution 30ml
- Enzymatic Lotus Booster 20g
- L-Ascorbic Infusion 20g
- Chamo-Weiss Liposome Power 20g
- Mandelic Arginine Serum (MT) 15ml
- Pumpkin E Serum (MT) 30ml
- Nourishing Grape Seed Serum (CB) 50ml
- 12 Flower Mask 30ml
- Milk Mask 30ml
- Blushed Wine Gel (MT) 50ml

For the Skin Health Express Facial protocol DOWNLOAD HERE.


SPECIAL: $20 ea.
Suggested Retail: $45 ea.
Keeping your clients’ skin healthy and hydrated, these little luxury treatments are the perfect way to maintain glowing skin throughout the summer.

With a regimen to meet every skin challenge, each system comes beautifully packaged in its own organza bag and provides a minimum of at least three at-home treatments. Print out step-by-step instructions for your clients - DOWNLOAD HERE

Choose from any of the following systems:


Polished Glow (SPMTF1)

  • Foaming Peptide Cleanser 30mL
  • Papaya Tangerine Enzyme 15mL
  • Chocolate Antioxidant Mask 15mL
  • Hydrating Grape Seed Serum (PS) 10mL

Hydra Glow (SPMTF2)

  • Foaming Peptide Cleanser 30mL
  • Derma Peel 15mL
  • Grape Seed Parfait Mask 15mL
  • Hydrating Grape Seed Serum (PS) 10mL

Antioxidant Glow (SPMTF3)

  • Foaming Peptide Cleanser 30mL
  • Cherry Jubilee Enzyme 15mL
  • Chocolate Antioxidant Mask 15mL
  • Hydrating Grape Seed Serum (PS) 10mL


Brighten & Glow (SPPSF1)

  • Skin Brightening Cleanser 30mL
  • Skin Brightening Enzyme 15mL
  • Chocolate Antioxidant Mask 15mL
  • Hydrating Grape Seed Serum (PS) 10mL


Redness Remedy (SPRRF1)

  • Beta Green Tea Cleanser 30mL
  • Milk Mask 15mL
  • Wasabi Mask 15mL
  • Therapy E Serum 15mL


Soothing Hydration (SPCBF1)

  • Creamy Milk Cleanser 30mL
  • Grape Seed Parfait Mask 15mL
  • Milk Mask 15mL
  • Cucumber Spritz 15mL


Purifying Pumpkin (SPARF1)

  • Citrus Gel Cleanser 30mL
  • Pumpkin Parfait Enzyme 15mL
  • Wasabi Mask 15mL
  • Hydrating Grape Seed Serum 10mL

Brighten & Clear (SPARF2)

  • Beta Green Tea Cleanser 30mL
  • Skin Brightening Enzyme 15mL
  • Wasabi Mask 15mL
  • Hydrating Grape Seed Serum 10mL


Are your clients mentioning how dry and chapped her hands are becoming from all the recent handwashing? Give your clients nourished, hydrated and protected hands with this beautiful duo!

This ultra-rich duo uses a blend of epidermal growth factors and healing hydration to leave skin feeling restored and protected.

HAND DUO (SP2004-1)
SPECIAL: $20 each
Suggested Retail: $45-$50

System Includes:
Pro Youth Regenerating Cream (15ml) - uses a blend of epidermal growth factors and antioxidants in an ultra-rich cream to nourish hands.

Pro Youth Pumpkin E Serum (30ml) – boosts Regenerating Cream for added healing hydration - leaves skin feeling restored and protected.


Give your clients a professional peel treatment - all from the safety of home!

As we all practice social distancing, at-home peels are not only a good way to keep your clients' skin looking fabulous but also provide a wonderful opportunity to expose them to the new branding and retail products they may not already be using.

Our Home Rejuvenation Peel Systems use some of our most advanced correctives to give skin a progressive peel. Incorporating Skin Rehab for post-care support, treat every skin to a fresh, renewed, healthy-looking complexion. Each system contains enough product for a minimum of (3) home care peels.

Home Rejuvenation Peel Systems
SPECIAL: Buy 1 System for $97 ea (OR)
Choose Any Combination of 3 for $89 ea./$267 total
Suggested Retail: $199 ea.

Discount does not reflect in shopping cart but will be applied when order is processed.

Pro Youth/Pigmentation (SP2004-2)

System Includes:
Pumpkin Cleanser (30mL)
Pumpkin Parfait Enzyme (15mL)
Mandelic Arginine Serum (15mL)
Skin Smoothing Gel (15mL)
Retinol Supreme (15mL)
Creamy Milk Cleanser (30mL)
Cucumber Spritz (30mL)
Growth Factor Serum (10mL)
Infuse 7 (15mL)

Acne/Rosacea/Sensitive Skin (SP2004-3)

System Includes:
Beta Green Tea Cleanser (30mL)
Cherry Jubilee Enzyme (15mL)
Mandelic Arginine Serum (15mL)
Skin Refine Gel (15mL)
Salicylic Serum (30mL)
Creamy Milk Cleanser (30mL)
Cucumber Spritz (30mL)
Growth Factor Serum (10mL)
Infuse 7 (15mL)


Provide first line relief to your clients. We’ve all seen the pictures of our health care workers, first responders and those most at risk with face rashes, bruising and skin irritations due to pro-longed mask usage. Skin Rehab offers everything they need to soothe and calm sensitive, irritated skin.

First Line Relief (SP2004-4)
SPECIAL: $25ea.
Suggested Retail: $60

System Includes:
Creamy Milk Cleanser (SR) 30mL
Calming Skin Gel (RA) 10mL
Arnica Therapy (SR) 15mL
Post Balm (SR) 15mL


Our new CBD Lipglosses uses a high quality, organically-grown, hemp-based CBD oil to enhance the benefits of our new LIPS gloss colors. Lips will notice the difference with a boost in antioxidant, antibacterial and anti-inflammatory support as CBD oil seals in moisture, helping to prevent dry, flaky lips.

  • Essential, hydrating remedy oils for lip restoration.
  • Natural flower wax to lock-in moisture.
  • Healing, soothing support to alleviate pain and inflammation associated with dry, flaky, cracked lips.
  • Packed with vitamins A, C and E to promote healthy, glowing skin and slow down aging in lip tissue.

All our ingredients are sourced with the well-being of the environment in mind, so both your lips and the planet get the proper treatment they deserve.

Special: Buy any combo of 5 colors, get 6th color free!
Also available for individual sale - $12.50 each

Discount does not reflect in shopping cart but will be applied when order is processed.

Choose from any of our THREE NEW COLORS:

Rooibos Spice +

Kashmiri Chai +

Fuchsia Roselle +

Be sure to start promoting your Skin Health Summer Series today and get your clients excited about returning for a little skin pampering!
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